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Send a sweet thank-you

Nothing says gratitude like a handwritten thank-you note, and gifts aren’t the only things that deserve them. Parents, coaches, teachers, your BFF’s awesome mom—everyone likes to be told that you appreciate their help and kindness. Pull out your pen and get writin’, girlie. It’s time to bust out the holiday spirit.


Grab great gear. Sure, some loose-leaf paper and a ballpoint pen will get the job done, but to make your note feel extra special, snag something unique. You can head to a local card store and find cute stationary for super cheap. Want something personal? Craft your own stationary from the comfort of your home computer, thanks to online companies that let you pick your design and add your monogram, name or cute phrase to the pages.


Make it legible. Here’s a tip from one scribbler to another: Cursive is pretty, but if it’s chicken scratch to everyone but you, spend extra time making your script neat and readable.


Be thoughtful. Don’t send a form letter to your recipients. Be yourself and be personal. Tell them why their advice was so helpful, or how much fun you had at that pizza party. Your note will mean that much more if it truly comes from the heart.


Drop the formality. If “sincerely” isn’t your style, throw it out the window! While you should always show authority figures respect, stilted, old-fashioned language isn’t always required. Try out different closings—I like “yours truly”—until you find one that works for you.


Make it a fundraiser. Valentine’s Day has candy grams. Why not holi-grams for Thanksgiving? Clear it with the folks in charge, pick a week and set up camp in your school’s busiest thoroughfare. Let students and teachers pay a certain amount to pen and send thank-you notes to those that have done something great for them this school year. Choose a worthy cause to make the fundraiser super sweet.


Tell me, girls: Who deserves a thank-you note from you this fall and what fab thing did they do?

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 11/6/2010 7:00:00 AM


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