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Knit your own Hogwarts house scarf

Just a few more days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One hits theaters on Nov. 19. I can’t wait, and I bet you can’t, either. Need an outlet for your anxious energy? Pick up some knitting needles, girl, and get to work!

What you'll need:


Wool in the colors of your chosen house (Gyffindor red and gold, Slytherin green and silver, Ravenclaw blue and bronze, Hufflepuff yellow and black). You’ll need about 2 skeins or balls in each color, depending on how large the skeins are. Choose the softest, natural fibers you can afford.

US size 6 knitting needles (Your chosen yarn may specify different needle sizes. You can stay with this size or use the suggested size, instead.)

Yarn needle

Crochet hook

Measuring tape or ruler


What you’ll do:


Cast on 34 stitches in the house’s main color (red, green, blue or yellow). Use the video below if you don’t know how…


 Knit about four inches, measuring with your tape or rule. You can use whatever stitch is easiest for you. Beginners might find it easier to do this project in garter stitch. See the video below for a tutorial.



Ready for a new stripe? Switch colors by knotting on the new color yarn to the old at the end of a row. Cut off the old color, but leave a long tail. Continue knitting with the new color for about four inches.


When you scarf is as long as you’d like it to be, it’s time to bind off…



Now for the finishing touches! Using your yarn needle, weave in the cut-off ends of yarn between your stripes.


One last thing? Fringe! To make cute tassles at the end of your scarf, cut your remaining yarn twice the length you’d like your fringe to be (I’d recommend at least six inches for a luxurious fluff at the ends of your project). Gather a few pieces of yarn together, fold them in half and slip them through a hole at the end of your scarf. Then slip the fringe ends through the loop and pull tight. Use a crochet hook to help you, if necessary.
Tip: Need more help? YouTube is a great resource for beginning knitters. Just search for the topic you need help with and watch the videos until you find one that explains the subject clearly. Good luck!  


While your scarf probably won’t be finished before you see the movie, it’ll give ya a piece of the magic to work on in the meantime and a reminder of the series you love whenever you wrap it ‘round your neck.

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 11/17/2010 7:00:00 AM


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