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GL's Thanksgiving Day Traditions

Have you ever wondered what GL editors are up to on Thanksgiving? The wait is over, girlies, ‘cause we got out ‘em to spill their Turkey Day traditions!


“Every year my brother and I run a race on Thanksgiving morning. We both wake up early and bundle up before running like crazy people. It’s so much fun.” – Katie Abbondanza, senior editor


“I wake up at the crack of dawn—OK, 9 a.m.—to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my mom. We make pancakes and curl up in front of the TV until Santa rides into Herald Square. My favorite part? All of the performances from Broadway shows, marching bands and the Rockettes, of course!” – Brittany Taylor, online editorial assistant


“Every Thanksgiving Day, my friends and I head to the park for a lighthearted game of touch football. Last year, the game accidentally turned into tackle football, and we had two players with dislocated joints! Unfortunately, that may have been the end of that tradition.” – Jessica D’Argenio, fashion and beauty assistant


"Even though I have moved to Baltimore and become a massive Ravens fan (make your own Raven squawk noise here), every Thanksgiving you'll find me in front of the TV, watching my original hometown team, the Detroit Lions. It doesn't matter if they win or lose, just that I get to gander at the RenCen and that eight-legged roast turkey (now turducken, tune in and check it out!)." – Karen Bokram, publisher and founding editor


“My family doesn't have a tradition for Thanksgiving, but I have a history of being in different places and roping my fam into visiting me. One year, we celebrated in San Francisco, another in Australia. This year, I'm cooking for everyone at my new home in Baltimore. This will be the first time I do the cooking, so wish me luck!” – Lindsey Silken, online contributing editor


“I used to be a competitive Irish dancer and every year our big regional competition took place the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was a family tradition to pack the minivan and drive to Pennsylvania on Turkey Day for the big event-usually opting for carb-loading pasta over typical Thanksgiving treats.” – Patricia McNamara, associate editor


It’s your turn to share! What are your Thanksgiving traditions?




BY GL ON 11/21/2010 3:19:00 PM


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