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5 ways to squeeze in a workout on Turkey Day

Don’t slack this holiday season! GL’s dishin’ out cinchy ways to get a workout in, even if you’re super busy.
1. Resist the urge to sleep in.
We know it’s temping to spend the a.m. under your comforter, but getting outta bed early starts the day on the right foot. Make a plan to meet up with your BFF for a bike ride or see if your sis wants to roller blade with ya. Why not break a sweat before breakfast?

2. Make a Wacky Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Plan
We’re not saying you should bust out your French horn and march around the block, but get active while you’re watching the parade. Here are a couple zany suggestions, but feel free to make up your own:
— Do 10 squat jumps every time you see a giant balloon — Do 10 jumping jacks whenever a cheerleading squad performs
— Drop to your back and do 8 sit-ups any time someone says “Back to you Meredith and/or Matt”
— Do 10 bicycle sit-ups whenever you see someone on a bike or unicycle
— Do a your fave dance moves any time a dance team performs
— Rockettes or any other high-kickers are on? Yep, it’s time for you to kick, too.
— Do 5 lunges whenever someone mentions how cold it is
— Jog during commercial breaks
And be sure to clear plenty of space in the living room, OK?
3. Sign up for some hard labor.
On chore duty all day? Tackle the toughest projects: rake leaves, help haul tables or lug ice into the freezer. You’ll score points with the fam and toast some calories while you’re at it.

4. Get active after dinner.
While your cousins are cramming onto couches, make an effort to get outside and move around. Don’t go wild if you ate a ton, but getting the blood flowing is key. Aim to walk or hike for an hour or play some football (instead of watching it).
5. Run, run, run.
It’s no secret that I love me a Turkey Trot (it’s been my tradition for ages) and every year more of my friends and fam join in. Even if there isn’t a sanctioned race in your area, get some of your crew together and run your hearts out.

Will you join us for the jog this year? Blog it out…

BY KATIE ABBONDANZA ON 11/23/2010 4:22:00 PM


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