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My brother lost his sight

Two months ago, my nine-year-old brother has had a tumor removed from his brain. He seems to be doing really well, the only problem is that his eyesight is extremely bad. He really can't see things and when he looks for something, it takes him forever to find it.


It's hard not to get frustrated, especially with all that is going on in my life right now. He’s going to learn Braille, and I want to learn it too so I can read his books to him if he has trouble (my mom and dad are too stressed to learn). Do you have any suggestions for how I can help my brother?

Hey Chica,

I’m sorry to hear that your brother and family has had to go through this. But I am extremely happy to hear that he’s doing really well. It’s great that you want to help your brother by learning Braille. Here a few tips to help him adjust even more.    

Be patient

It’s totally normal that you get a little frustrated when your brother has trouble finding things, but imagine how frustrated and upset it makes him feel. It’s an even bigger change for him, so a little patience from you would be a big help to him. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or annoyed, take a deep breath and see if there’s a way you can help the situation.

Be sensitive

It sounds like you love and care about your brother a lot. But there are kids out there who may understand him as well, and it’s possible he will get picked on for being a bit different. 

So it’s important that you make sure your brother knows he can come to you if he ever needs to talk about what he’s going through. Also, say positive things to encourage him and keep his self-esteem high while he adjusts to being blind.    

Be the same big sister you’ve always been

While it’s important to be sensitive and patient, it’s also important to be the fun big sister every kid wants. Ask the Braille instructor if he/she can suggest any fun games or activities you can do with your brother.  


You might also want to encourage your rents to get on the Braille bandwagon. It’s important that your whole family supports your brother during this difficult transition and years to come.

Good luck girlie!

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BY TYLER JENKINS ON 12/6/2010 7:00:00 AM


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