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Slip on some skates and hit the ice

Whether you’re a good skater, a great one or a wall-clinger, a skating party is a bundle of fun no matter the season. When the holidays come around, though, we love grabbing a group of girls ‘n’ guys and heading to the rink. It makes for a jolly good time, and gives ya time to gab, grin and get rid of all of your school-time stress.


Make it a party

Planning in advance? A skating party is a great activity for winter break. If you’re still in school, pass out your invitations during your passing periods or homeroom. Out of school? Drop ‘em in your buds’ mailboxes or attach ‘em to the front door. We love the idea of cutting out tiny ice skates and punching holes along the top to weave in real ribbon laces. So adorable!


Wanna go tomorrow? This calls for a Facebook group, ten minutes of phone time or an email. Wanna go now? Make sure Mom or Dad can give ya a ride, than whip out your cell and send a mass text to the gang.


Fuel up

Most skating rinks have special programs for parties, where they supply the food or let ya bring in your nibbles. Call ‘em up in advance to make sure any snacks your bringing will be A-OK with the facility. Think hot bites that are a hit with everyone, like pizza or homemade chili.


If you’d rather eat before ya head over, gather your group at your house and have a spread waiting for them. Or, if jetting home when you’re tuckered out works best, ask Mom to be ready for you all to walk through the door.


Grab some festive goodies

If you’re celebrating or just wanna keep track of everyone, take a trip to the dollar store and snag some cheap accessories, like scarves, funny hats and party crowns, for your crew to don on and around the ice. This is a great idea particularly if Mom is worried about keeping track of all of you while your skating.


Don’t leave any of your besties out!

If one of your friends doesn’t wanna skate, ask her if she wants to come along just to hang and take pictures. If another chica is clingin’ to the wall while you’re zippin’ around on the ice, grab her hand, get another bud to take the other, and get her movin’, girlie!


Leave your blushin’ at the door

Even the pros fall on their bums from time to time, so who cares if you slip up a couple of times? When you stop letting the embarrassment of crashing in front of your crush get ya down, you’ll realize that he’s laughing ‘cause it’s funny, not because you’re the worst girl ever. Fix the sitch by getting him to help ya up, then laugh awhile later when he does a nosedive.

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 12/18/2010 7:00:00 AM

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