4 unhealthy holiday excuses we all use...and how to beat 'em

You’ve gone all year working your butt off and eating right, and it’s totally paid off—you look and feel amazing. But it’s no secret that the holidays can totally mess with you when it comes to making healthy decisions. Here’s how to beat temptation and bust those pesky excuses…


“It’s the holidays”

Just ‘cause you know it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean your metabolism got the memo. Stuffing yourself at fetes and family feasts isn’t just makin’ ya feel poochy in your new party dress—it’s making your insides feel “eh,” too. Believe it or not, your belly isn’t cool without digesting gingerbread 24/7, so go ahead and sprinkle those sweets into your seasonal diet, but don’t leave out the good stuff, either.


“I’ll workout later”

We’ve all said it. The funny thing is, later usually never rolls around. So guess what? It’s time to get off the couch and nix your sweat sesh guilt, girlie! Just go ahead and do it, already, and then move on to more fun activities. Got a packed schedule? Fit one in first thing so you aren’t thinking about it all day.


“OMG, I’m sooo stressed!”

Between hiding from the aunt who always has to know about your love life (nonexistent or not), dealing with your uber-competitive cousin, babysitting your sibs and finding the perfect gifts for everyone you’ve ever met, the holidays are enough to make any girl freak out a li’l bit. So take some time for Y-O-U. Fix yourself a bubble bath, flip through fun snaps of your sweeties and take a second or 60 to breath in—hold it—and release. Ahh…


“But I wanna see Santa!”

When you were younger, trying to stay up to catch St. Nick was fun, but not so much anymore. Without sleep, you are more likely to skip a workout, crave sugar and caffeinated beverages and be way more irritable. No one wants to party with the Grinch, so catch some zzz’s…and don’t forget to leave some carrots out for Rudolph and company!



Which excuse is always comin’ to mind during the holiday season, hunnies?

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by Hannah Hicklen and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016