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5 summer-worthy bashes to bust winter birthday blahs

Here’s the sitch: You’ve got a winter birthday, and after more than a decade of the usual party fare—ice skating, movies, laser tag—you’re dying for a bash that screams spring.


No worries, girl, ‘cause you’ve got options. Here are five awesome ideas we love for any time of the year.


Hit the pool. Most locales offer indoor swimming pools, whether it’s a gym, a private club or a public rec center. Some hotels will even let you book their pool area for a party. Take a look in the yellow pages, do a Google search or start callin’ your fave hangout spots and see what you can come up with. Pulling on a bathing suit in the middle of winter and splashin’ around will make all your buds happy, promise!


Go play in the snowwith all of your headin’ to the beach toys. Make snow castles and forts out of the powdery white stuff and decorate with whatever you can find. Have goodies ready for the best designer, and then pelt her with a snowball. OK, so that last bit isn’t summery at all, but who could resist?


Host a cookout. Having Dad fire up the grill when the temps drop will make you nostalgic for the 4th of July fun you had six months ago. For a taste of summer, grab hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and all the fixings. While it might be a li’l too chilly to eat outdoors, spread a quilt on the floor and have a picnic in your living room. Yum!


Go surfin’. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to hit up my local water park. Slides, wave pools, lazy rivers—I love ‘em all. When it’s frosty outside, the next best thing is to head indoors, grab a tube (or a board) and dive in. You won’t get the heat of the sun on your face, but you’ll love playin’ around with your buds in your hot new b-day bikini.


Luau, natch! Get those leis ready, ‘cause when your guests walk through the door, they’ll be entering a Hawaiian paradise. Hit up the dollar store for festive tropical décor—palm trees and tiki torches are always fun. Ask Mom or Dad to man the blender so you can serve up fruity frozen drinks with umbrellas, of course. Have a dance-off and then set up a round of limbo. How low can you go?


Got more ideas? Share ‘em, girlies!




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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/16/2014 12:00:00 AM


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