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Here's to the next 100!

I’ll just come right out and say it: I can’t believe we’ve done 100 issues.

It actually doesn’t sound like that many, really, until you consider we only do six a year. So getting to 100 took a while. Sixteen years and seven months, to be exact. When GL started back in August of 1994, I remember sitting on a curb outside the printing plant, holding the first copy ever. I had no clue if we’d sell a single magazine. But we did sell a bundle—and next thing I knew, we were on issue 10…then 50…and, well, here we are today.

While there are certain people who love big moments (Prom! Graduation! Wedding!), I am more fond of your average Tuesday. I loved issue 99. And I will love issue 101. But issue 100 is killing me.

I guess it’s because milestones force you to think about who you are and where you are going. After 100 issues, thousands of pages and a gazillion hours of effort (and, yep, I have worked on every one of them, along with our amazing Creative Director Chun Kim) will I ever be able to give you an explanation as to why the guy you like likes someone else but his BFF likes you but you don’t like him but your BFF does? Have I finally figured out how to keep you from breaking out on the morning of the dance you’ve been looking forward to for months? Do I hold the secret to ending friend fights forever, getting great grades with no effort or banishing stress over just about everything outta your life?

Sadly, no. And in some ways, that’s what’s been so tough about this issue—I’m still searching for those magic answers. But what I do know is this: For 100 issues, at least we have all been figuring it out together.

Here’s to the next 100…


The GL crew answer the questions: “If you could have 100 of anything, what would it be?”

“100 perfect ski days with my dad and my brothers, please!” – Karen, pictured above with her fam

“100 dark chocolate-covered strawberries, heavy on the chocolate. I can taste ‘em now…” – Brittany

“I’d like to run 100 races in a year. It’d be a killer challenge. But I know I’d make it if the GL crew was there to cheer me on for all of them. Well, OK, most of them.” – Katie A.

“I’d love 100 more days with my Grandma. She was one of my best friends.” – Patty

“100 all expenses-paid vacations. This beach in Nicaragua looks pretty amazing right about now.” – Brooke

“100 fabulous hairdos. The second hair boredom sets in, I’m dialing my stylist and scouring magazines for a new ‘do. For my next look, I’m hoping to snag Drew’s gorge ombre hair color. Love it!” – Keri

“I’ll take 100 pairs of shoes. Let’s be honest: Can a girl really ever have too many?” - Jess

BY KAREN BOKRAM ON 1/18/2011 5:14:00 PM


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