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V-Day gifts for your guy

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, lovies! It’s time to find a gift for that oh-so-special guy in your life. Whether it’s your lame but fave brother, your totally ah-mazing boyfriend or your always-dependable BGF, we’ve got the perfect prezzies.

Guitar hero

Is he a total music junkie? Do you love watching him strum that guitar? Check out these guitar string bracelets! These new fashion trends are made from recycled guitar strings, and are really inexpensive. He’ll love the thought, and since their def for guys and girls you can spoil yourself and match him.
WYM Fashion Bracelet, $10, wearyourmusic.org

Hello, Hollywood!

So, you’re into this movie buff and completely lost on what movies he has or hasn’t seen… that’s why we’ve found you Fandango bucks. The popular movie ticket and information website has created their own version of the gift certificate. This way, your guy can pick the movie your next date will be on!

Order at fandango.com 

Key to his heart

Let’s face it, boys have a hard time remembering what they had for breakfast, let alone what they did with that last picture you gave him of the two of you. This digital keychain is less than 2 inches long, and can hold over 60 photos. You can fill it up ahead of time with your favorite memories together, and he’ll only lose it when he loses his keys! This way, the next time his friend wants to see a picture of that way cute and sweet girl he’s dating he won’t have to search that messy room.

Coby 1.5 in. digital keychain, $14, sears.com

Puzzle prince

Got a very logical guy in mind? Personalize him a puzzle! Upload that adorable favorite picture of you two and add a sweet message. Come Valentine’s Day, he’ll put the pieces together and find out how complete you lovebirds really are!

Valentine’s personalized photo jigsaw puzzle, $18, notablecreationsstore.com

Food for thought

Boys like food. No, scratch that, boys LOVE food. Has yours been on a sweet kick lately, but you still want him to eat kind of healthy? Get him these delicious apples and strawberries that have been dipped in a gourmet chocolate blend. You can find out how much he likes you back by seeing if he’ll share!

Order at ediblearrangements.com

BY CAITLIN FARLEY ON 2/9/2011 2:33:00 PM

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