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On set with...Good Luck Charlie

A second season of the hit Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie premieres this Sunday, February 20, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Will you be tuning in?


We got to hang with Good Luck Charlie stars Bridgit Mendler (18), Jason Dolley (19) and Bradley Steven Perry (12) on the show’s L.A. set and had them give us the dirt on everything from their special-themed Tuesdays to the delish behind-the-scenes snacks. Yum!

Check out the slideshow for on-set secrets and be sure to scroll down for a clip from the Season 2 premiere of Good Luck Charlie.
  • Image-1.jpg
    Tasty Treats

    “The food props get eaten quickly. I was really happy when we had grapes in this one scene, just because it’s something I know I’m not going to regret eating. They were delicious.”—Bridgit

  • Image-2.jpg
    Music to Our Ears

    “Every tape night, we spin this wheel and whoever’s name it lands on, that person has a song picked that the DJ will play. Everybody in the audience has to dance through it. I [once] picked ‘I’m Shipping Up to Boston.’ I wanted an excuse to Riverdance.”—Jason

  • Image-3.jpg
    What a Doll

    Meet Mia, who plays baby Charlie. But during rehearsals, she’s oftentimes swapped out for a baby doll prop. “We were rehearsing with the baby doll, and there’s a scene where [our] mom goes, ‘OK that’s it, I want five minutes of peace and c’mon Charlie, you’re the only one that isn’t bothering me right now,’” Bradley tells us. “And Jason suddenly goes, ‘Because she’s not real!’ That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard on set so far.”

  • Image-4.jpg
    Mii Madness

    Psst…there’s a Wii in the green room, filled with kooky Miis of castmembers. “I think mine has a beard or something. They all have little quirks to them that’s not exactly like who we are,” says Bridgit.

  • Image-5.jpg
    What a Theme!


    “Every Tuesday we do ‘Theme Day.’ For unibrow day, I used false eyelashes to make [mine]. This thing of eyelash glue was stuck on my head. I ripped off part of my eyebrow trying to get [it] off once we were finished for the day.”—Bradley

  • Image-6.jpg
    Join the Club

    “Bridgit and I, and some of the other kids on the show, started a movie club. We’ll get together and are [currently] going through all the classics that some of us haven’t seen.”—Jason

  • Image-7.jpg
    Top Chef

    “Every once in a while, Steph and I, my guardian while I work on the show, cook a dish for the people on set. We’ve made lasagna, meatloaf, lemon bars. It’s fun for us to cook and then have an audience for it—people who will taste and try it out.”—Bridgit

  • Image-8.jpg
    School Daze

    “I do school work in my dressing room, so that’s no fun. But that’s honestly what I do most of the time.”—Jason

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
Photos Credit: Craig Sjodin / Disney Channel
Watch a clip from the Season 2 premiere of Good Luck Charlie below…


And be sure to tune in this Sunday for loads more laughs, only on the Disney Channel.


Are you a Good Luck Charlie fan? Blog about it, babes.


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