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Help a tomboy go girly-girl

OK, so here’s the problem: I am a tomboy. I wear just regular t-shirts and jeans, and I told everyone at school I hate pink…but now I wanna become a little more girly. How do I transition to a girly-girl?

There’s no need to make complete 180 in terms of clothes from tomboy to Barbie, but there are tons of ways to blend the two looks. By incorporating more feminine pieces into your current look (think Alexa Chung, who does tomboy chic), you won’t have to buy a brand new wardrobe and can keep the old you in tact. But first thing’s first, chica: Why do you want to change?

A greater reason
Before you head to the mall and ditch your old wardrobe for one that’s all pink and ruffles, ask yourself why you want to become a “girly-girl.” Is it because of your friends or peers? Your parents? In short, if the reason isn’t for you, think long and hard about it. Clothing is an expression of who you are, and you should never let someone else dictate who that person is. Instead, go for the clothes that you like. Don’t feel pressured to conform to a single look. The people and celebs whose styles we most adore don’t. Rather, they stand out because they make their own look.

In the middle
Still want to makeover your wardrobe a bit? No need to empty your closet. Instead, try to add more feminine clothes into your wardrobe through accessories and gradually adding new pieces (skirts, dresses, etc.). For example, with a plaid button-up and jeans, toss on a cardi, heart pendant and flats. Wear a dress but keep it true to you with a cool pendant necklace, tights and boots. When changing up your style, it’s all about adding new pieces gradually and using what you’ve got. When you mix your two sets of clothes together, you’ll get an awesome, unique look that will catch eyes.

No such thing as labels
In the end, know there’s no such thing as an exact “girly girl” formula. We make our own style and no matter what end of the girly-tomboy spectrum you fall, your look is still distinct from everyone else’s. That’s why it’s important to remember who you’re dressing for. You don’t have to adhere to what everyone else wants or expects. Instead, by combining pieces, you can have your own look that’s original and one of a kind, just like you! Happy shopping, chica!

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BY ALYSSA BAILEY ON 2/26/2011 7:00:00 AM


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