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Let the cupcake war begin!

With the countless cake-decorating shows on TV at the moment, crazy-cool confections are having a major trendy moment.  So why not take a cue from the tube and host a real-life cupcake contest for all your buds?


Spread the word
With an event like this, “the more the merrier” really applies (so long as you have enough supplies for everyone, natch).  While this event is fine for just girls, you can totes invite your guy pals, too.  They’ll love the competitive aspect (and hello?  Who doesn’t love cupcakes?).  To spread the word, make some ah-dorable invites.  If you’re feeling super-crafty, cut cupcake shapes out of cardstock.  Decorate one side, and write the deets on the other.  Looking for something simpler?  Type up a flier with the event info, and tack on some cute cupcake clip-art.  Pass ‘em out, and let the excitement begin.


Gather the supplies
The most important part of this event is having enough for supplies so everyone can fully unleash their inner decorator.  You want to have at least one non-frosted cupcake for each person, plus a few spares just in case.  Bake ‘em in advance so they are completely cool when the party starts.  Stock up on supplies to help people get creative – white frosting, food coloring, and decorative icing to start.  Round up sprinkles and colorful candies, like gummi bears and M&Ms, to use for decorations.  And think outside the box!  Unexpected items, like pretzel sticks, peel-apart Twizzlers, mini marshmallows, and peppermint candies will provide for some unique designs.


Set up
On the day of, clear out your kitchen to give people room to decorate.  Set out the cupcakes so they are easy to grab.  Mix the white frosting with food coloring for diff color options.  Place the candies and decorative items in individual bowls.  Make sure you have lotsa knives to frost with (plastic ones will do).  When everyone shows up, have the guests grab a cupcake and let the competition commence!


Let the judging begin
Once everyone has finished with their fabulous cupcakes, place them all together where everyone can see – like the counter or kitchen table.  Give everyone a slip of paper with their name to set by their cupcake.  To decide the winner with the coolest design, you can do a vote or have a member of your fam act as judge.  You can even give out prizes for silly categories, like “girliest design” or “best use of color.” The prizes don’t have to be major, since it’s really about the fun of decorating anyway.  Create a certificate on your computer with the date, name of the event, and a place to write in the top decorator’s name. 


What’s next?  Dig in to the delish cupcakes, of course!  But before you do, snap a bunch of pics of your friends and their terrific treats.  You can share the pics with your buds online, or print copies of your faves to pass out later.  Everyone will want to save the memory and show off their marvelous masterpieces.  Dee-lightful. 

BY MARIE HANSEN ON 2/16/2013 12:00:00 AM


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