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Long distance love

It’s official, your BF’s moving away. And things are totally about to change. They say long distance relationships never work out, but you don’t want to break up. Ugh.

Before you say sayonara, why not give it a chance. Being apart might seem like the end of the world but, trust us, it doesn’t have to be the end of your romance. Here are our biggest Dos and Don’ts for couples that want to go the distance…literally.

DO embrace your independence
Bonus! Him moving means you get more time for yourself. Spend it wisely by getting closer with friends, trying a new activity or doing things ya love. Gone are the days when you’ll have to pretend to follow baseball. This time is for YOU.

DO make time for each other
Your schedule’s so crazy between school, a job, family obligations. It’s time to put those super-scheduling skills to the test.  Whether it’s chatting on the phone, video chatting while eating dinner or texting throughout the day, making time to talk is a must.

DO stick out rough patches
We’re not gonna lie, long distance relationships aren’t easy. You’ll fight, cry and probably wonder if it’s even going to last at points. But here’s the silver lining on that ugly, gray storm cloud: The hard times will make you two even stronger. Always remember to keep your chin up.

DON’T get jealous
Your BF’s in a new town and he spent the whole day with new friends. You’re so happy for him…until he tells you their names: Katie, Sarah and Nicole. Uh oh. When other girls are spending more time with your BF than you are, it’s hard not to get a tad green with envy. But remember, while he may like them as friends, he’s dating Y-O-U for a reason.  Trust him.

DON’T be clingy
While you should make time for him, don’t make it ALL of your time. Talking all day, everyday and visiting him every weekend will just be overkill. With a little space, you’ll cherish your time together even more.

DON’T let it get boring
When you aren’t seeing each other as often, things can get pretty routine. Mix things up by calling or sending a cute text unexpectedly. Keep the romance alive by sending an ol’ fashioned love letter or ship him a batch of his fave double fudge brownies. Spontaneity will keep the sparks there. Promise!

Have you ever dealt with a long distance relationship? Blog about it, babes.

BY KRISTEN YEUNG ON 3/12/2011 1:50:00 PM


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