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Rockin' rolled flower cuff



Mandy of Sugar Bee Crafts is queen of rolled flower ornaments. She’s made headbands, corsages, accent pieces and now a fabulous and fun cuff that’s totally perfect for spring.


What you’ll need:


Cute fabric leftover from another project, an old t-shirt, etc.

Empty cardboard toilet paper roll

Hot glue and hot glue gun


What you’ll do:


Make 5 rolled flowers according to the video tutorial below…



Cut a piece of cardboard off of an empty toilet paper roll. Then wrap the cardboard in fabric, use hot glue to attach the flowers and slip on your new accessory!


Gift it: We love the idea of showering our BFFs with seasonal gifts, just because. Whip up a few for your faves and hand ‘em out at lunch, during a sleepover or even as party favors. Mom will love ‘em too, so go ahead and cross a Mother’s Day gift off of your to-do list.


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You let her BFF borrow your fave top for a party last Saturday but when she returns it, it looks nothing like the top you remember buying. It has holes, stains and only one shoulder. What do you say to your gal pal?


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