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Stressed by my big chest!

I hate my boobs. I'm 12 but I have been developing way too fast. I can't wear half the clothes I like because my boobs won’t fit. My mom says it's because of the fact that I am gaining so much weight and that they might shrink if I lose weight. I'm 5-foot-3 and weigh 124 pounds. Am I over-weight and if I lose weight will my boobs shrink?


Whoa, girl!  It sounds like your chest is causing you some major stress.  But don’t freak – it is possible to be happy with the body you’ve got and dress it in a way that is fun and fashionable. 


A weight-y issue

Let’s tackle this weight issue first.  Before you do anything to lose weight, it’s crucial you talk to your doc.  Especially when you’re still developing, it’s hard to say what the “right” weight is, because every bod is different.  What’s more, it’s really important for you to stay healthy and get the nutrition you need while you’re still growing.  Trying to lose weight, if not handled carefully, can stand in the way of that.  Since your mom brought it up, ask her to help you schedule an appointment with your doctor.  He or she can help determine what’s right for you.


Dare to NOT compare

I know it’s hard to do, especially when you’re not feeling so confident about your own bod, but do not compare your body to others.  It seems like we should be similar to our fam, but that’s just not always the case.  Everyone has a different physique and grows at a different pace, so as long as your doc says everything is A-okay, remember that you are your own “normal.”  Be confident in yourself and your own unique figure – you’re beautiful! 


Still struggling?  For now, pick a “confidence role model” – someone who rocks the bod they’ve got (did you know Katy Perry used to be insecure about her, um, big chest?  She seems pretty comfortable in her own skin now!).  Channel their confidence until you can feel it for yourself.


Shop to it!

Now, you deserve to have clothes that you like – ones that make you feel good and flatter your body.  First, it’s especially important to have a good-fitting bra.  If you’re not sure about yours, head to a department or specialty store to get measured.  Even if you don’t buy one there, the salesperson can tell ya what size you need, and maybe give some suggestions on styles that would work well for you. 


Next, find a dress that you love!  Don’t focus on fitting into a specific size – buy clothes that fit the body you have, not the one you think you should have. Find one that fits your chest, which may mean you need to go a size up.  If you find a super-special dress that fits your chest but not your waist, talk to your mom about taking it to a tailor. It can be a little pricey, but it will be an investment to have a dress that works for your bod. Want another tip straight from the fashion pages of GL? Look for looser-fitting shifts or sheath dresses, and belt it at your waist to define your figure.


Shopping for styles that suit your body will make you look great and feel ah-mazing! Good luck, girl!

BY MARIE HANSEN ON 4/8/2011 10:00:00 AM


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