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Spring dance slumber party

Planning a sleepover with your sweeties after your spring dance? Take a peek at our slumber party plan to make your big night totally perfect. Don’t sweat the small stuff, babe, ‘cause we’ve got all the details covered.


Invite your very besties

There is nothing more fun than getting together with your closest girls to get ready for a dance…and then gossip the night away once the party’s over. Keep the group small—six buds or fewer—and fill them in on the plan two weeks ahead of time. You can of course just mention your slumber party in passing, but mailing or e-mailing invitations will make your gathering seem more official and special. Think pastels, flowers and maybe a hint of glitter.


Pre-party prep

Have your girls bring over their dance duds, shoes and makeup so that you can all giggle and get ready together. Before they arrive, tidy up the bathroom, pull out spare mirrors and have drinks, munchies, tissues and cotton swabs on hand. Don’t forget the makeup remover for mistakes!


Clean up!

Before you head to the dance, take a minute to have your girls toss their belongings back in their bags. Trash used tissues and stow uneaten food and untouched beverages in the kitchen. Coming home to a tidy space will help you stay in the party spirit.


Smile for the camera

Be sure that all of your babes have their cameras handy. Take pictures while you get ready, in the car, at the dance and when you return home, too. Later, you can print out a bunch and make a spring dance scrapbook. Don’t forget to write juicy comments in the corners, so you’ll never forget a particularly funny moment.


Seasonal bites

When you and your gang bust through the front door, kick off those heels and head for the kitchen. Depending on the snacks served at the dance, you might not want a full-on meal, but that doesn’t mean you’re not hungry! A platter of fresh berries, veggies and dip, and some light tea sandwiches will keep you happy and healthy all night long.


Keep the party going

Still on your feet? Plug your iPod into a stereo or portable speakers and keep on boogying. Play all of those songs you heart that the DJ—how dare he!—“forgot” to play. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” totally tops our list!


Settle into sleeping bags

When it’s time to change into your PJs and get ready for lights out, pop in a few prom-themed movies to keep up the spring dance spirit. We love Pretty in Pink, Mean Girls, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, High School Musical 3 and Never Been Kissed


Tell us, babes, what are you doing after your spring dance?

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 4/16/2011 10:00:00 AM


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