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Six things to know about the Waiting 4 U Tour

Greyson Chance PLUS Cody Simpson, oh boy-s! Girls’ Life got the chance to spend some time with the newest teen pop sensations and their adorbs opening act Camryn while their national Waiting 4 U Tour took a stop in Washington, D.C. this week.

Wanna know some backstage dirt we scrounged up from our day with these superstars? Read it right here…along with some other treats you, too, might witness at an upcoming show.
1. Camryn has a sweet tooth. We discovered this “Wait And See” singer is a total Twix gal. It’s no surprise either, considering how energetic she is on—and off—the stage.
2. Greyson is a silly string fiend! He’s gotten just about everyone on the tour whether it’s Cody’s sister Alli or one of his bandmates. If you give him a can, watch out, there’s no doubt he may spray you.
3. If you’re a fan of the Big Apple, you’ll like it even more once you hear Greyson perform a cover of “Empire State of Mind” during his set. We’ll admit, he gives Jay-Z and Alicia and run for their money…and only at 13 years old.
4. Cody will always be a beach boy. OK, maybe it could just be his love for swimming, but this collar-poppin’ blondie admitted to us that he loves visiting warm places with beaches that remind him of home.  Well, no wonder…it’s Australia!
5. Want to fall in love all over again with Cody? Well, one lucky gal at each show totally will. Cody pulls a fan on stage and serenades her with a new song off his upcoming album. Oh, and he gives her a rose! Presh much? BONUS: You might snag a $10 coupon for 1800FLOWERS just for attending the show.
6. It’s a Greyson/Cody partypalooza! The boys pop on stage together at the beginning and end of their sets, singing some and playing their instruments. So cute! Get your ear plugs ready for that first glimpse of them, though. We found out just how loudly you girls can scream for these cuties!

Want more Waiting 4 U tour deets? Check back for our exclusive videos and insider scoops with the stars coming soon! And, hurry, there are only a few more weeks left to catch the cuties. The tour wraps May 18.

CLICK HERE for more info on Camryn.
CLICK HERE for more info on Greyson.
CLICK HERE for more info on Cody.

Are you googoo for Greyson or crazy for Cody? Blog about it, babes.



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