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Serve Mom a fab breakfast in bed

What is more classic on Mother’s Day than breakfast in bed? Maybe a bouquet of gorgeous spring blooms, but our money’s on brunch! Do it up right with our best tips and some delish recipes. Bon appetit!


Let Mom sleep in

I know, I know: You’re wicked eager to show off your handiwork. That’s all well and good, but waking Mom up at the crack of dawn will not make for a happy mother. Get up early, just in case she rises with the sun, but let her sleep in as late as she wants. It is her day, after all.


Don’t make a mess

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a tasty meal…and then coming downstairs to realize that you have to clean it up, too. If you have sibs, split up the duties. Somebody slices fruit, somebody mans the toaster…and one of you washes while the other dries.


Presentation counts!

Make up a tray to bring to mama’s bedroom. A few blossoms in a teeny vase or a pile of cards will make Mom smile. Tip from the pros: Placing a folded paper towel beneath the plate and her cup of coffee or glass of juice will keep things from sliding.


Make enough to share

Unless you’re planning to retreat while your mother eats her fill, you should make enough food so that you guys can nibble while you chat without leaving your guest of honor hungry.
  • omelet.jpg
    Alice’s fruit omelet

    We’re huge fans of sweet and savory all in one bite, and this number certainly does the trick, with a tart kick thrown in as a bonus! Get the recipe.

  • pancakes.jpg
    Gingerbread pancakes with hot applesauce

    Break free from your frozen waffle routine and try some freshly made pancakes! Get the recipe.

  • crepe.jpg
    Crepes Suzette

    Legend has it that the dessert was invented by a young French chef who, when inventing a crepe sauce to serve to the Prince of Wales, accidentally set the dessert on fire. Fortunately for him, he and his dessert became a hit! Get the recipe.

  • french-toast.jpg
    French Toast

    Add her fave toppings to make it a super sweet treat. Throw the toast on a tray, alongside a card and a li'l vase of fresh flowers and go surprise the greatest mom ever. Get the recipe.

  • fresh-fruit.jpg
    Fresh fruit 5 ways

    These five recipes will help you transform your fave bites into sweet snacks and desserts…in seconds! No tricks here, sweeties, just simple—and delicious—warm-weather nibbles. Get the recipe.

  • strawberries.jpg
    And for dessert? Chocolate-covered strawberries!
    Could life get any better than a breakfast topped off with strawberries dipped in chocolate? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

    Get the recipe here.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 5/4/2011 5:50:00 PM

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