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10 things to do for Mom on Mother's Day

She’s the leading lady in your life, and Mother’s Day is your chance to show her just how special she is. From breakfast in bed to tea for two, GL’s got ten ideas that will make this Sunday your mom’s sweetest ever!

Breakfast in bed. Give her day the perfect start. Make your mom’s fave breakfast and then give it a special twist! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make sure your toast or pancakes reflect how much you really care for her. Get GL’s easiest-ever guide to breakfast in bed here.


Spa day. Pamper your mom! Bring out your fave nail polish and do mani- and pedicures together. Finish up the day with a facial mask and your fave chick flick. Click here for our favorite must-watch movies with mom.


Do a little extra cleaning. Sure, chores are never super fun, but for one day, make a point to clean the kitchen and family and living room for Mom. Volunteer to do the dishes so your mom can rest easy!


Let your mom know how much she means to you. This year, do more than sign a card. Write a letter to her about how big a difference she’s made on your life.

Take her to her favorite restaurant. Let your mom pick where to eat dinner or have lunch and then have Dad take the whole family. Pitch in with dad and your siblings (if you have ‘em) to pay for her meal.


Plan an afternoon together. Instead of buying your gift in advance, give your mom a coupon for an afternoon with you. Go shopping together and let her pick out the perfect gift for herself. She’ll appreciate having the extra time with you, too! Need some ideas? Click here!


Find out what her favorite dessert is and make it. Do a little investigative work before the big day. Find out what your mom’s fave dessert are and then prepare it so her day will have a sweet finish!

Make her a scrapbook. This year, make her a gift. Put together photos of the two of you together to give to her on Sunday. Leave one page blank and tell her you’ll fill it with what you do together this Mother’s Day.


Have afternoon tea. Channel the Brits and plan a tea party for your mom for that afternoon. Buy or make scones to have with your tea and just spend the time catching up.


Go for a mother-daughter walk. Ask your mom if she’ll go on an evening stroll with you to end the day. Make a point to chat with her and ask her about what her hopes are for the summer. It’s that time you spend getting to know your mom that will mean the most to her on her big day.

BY ALYSSA BAILEY ON 5/7/2011 9:00:00 AM


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