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Our best advice ever: Mother's Day Edition

You come to GL for the best advice around, and we do our best so dish it out. For Mother’s Day, though, we asked GL staffers to spill the lessons that have helped them the most. Naturally, all of that wisdom came from Mom! Here’s what they said…


“My mom taught me to cook and bake--I remember watching her in the kitchen from a young age. And now that we're both vegetarian, we're always trading good recipes back and forth and cooking together on weekends.”   – Jessica D’Argenio, fashion and beauty assistant



“My mom is a really fabulous hostess and cook. From her I learned how to throw a great party and make desserts my friends will rave about for weeks!” – Alyssa Bailey, contributing writer



“That no matter what, I always come first in my own life, ahead of friends or guys or school or work.” – Brittany Taylor, online editorial assistant



“Focus on #1. This means make yourself happy and everything else will fall into place.” – Patty O’Donnell, senior national advertising director



“Do what you love, not what you think will make you the most money.” – Caitlin Farley, editorial intern



“My mom has taught me by example how much better life is when you can see the positive side of things.  She can take small things, like going to the grocery store, and make them fun.  And when big challenges come up, like at work, she can turn them around, and use the problem as an opportunity to grow and make life even more amazing.  I’ve never told her how much her sunny attitude means to me – perhaps I should!” – Marie Hansen, contributing writer



“To never lower yourself. She and my father had an acrimonious divorce but she never spoke one ill word about him to anyone. Humorously enough, they now get along well. It took 20 years but turns out I also learned from her that time does heal just about anything.” – Karen Bokram, founding editor/publisher



What’s the best piece of advice your mom has given you, sweeties?

BY GL ON 5/8/2011 7:00:00 AM


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