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June / July 2011

*~*Check out what’s HOT in this issue*~*


EXCLUSIVE! GL bites into the life of Crystal Reed

The Teen Wolf starlet spills on everything from high school to Hollywood hotties.

What are some of Crystal's best summertime tricks? Watch our exclusive video interview below...


WIN hot new reads to load your tote

Fill up your beach bag—and spare time—with summer’s freshest titles. Plus, one girl scores a trip to NYC to see a Broadway musical! CLICK HERE to download June’s Beach Reads Giveaway calendar.




A FREE back-to-school stash!

Hey, if ya gotta go back at some point, might was well do it in style. We’re giving away gift cards, tees, sneaks and jeans to all of you studious sweeties. Bonus! One extra-lucky hunnie scores a pair of blues each month for an entire year from Amethyst Jeans. CLICK HERE to download July’s Back-to-School Style Giveaway calendar.




What’s the coolest look for summer?

Boho-chic, of course! Hop aboard the gypsy caravan with our freshest picks.




Find the best suit for you

The perfect cuts to flatter your shape and insta-bikini confidence boosters that’ll work for anyone. PLUS, three simple ways to get seriously smooth legs.




Become a total guy magnet this summer

Use our fully-loaded handbook and we guarantee all those hotties will start noticing ya.




The Ultimate Summer Camp Survival Guide

Everything you need to know before packing up for that sleepaway.





Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore are making the grade

We had The Art of Getting By stars interview one another to see if their off-screen chemistry is just as sizzling as it is in the flick.


Catch a glimpse of The Art of Getting By (in theaters this July) below…




Throw the best bash on the block!

Just follow these tricks from our fave party pros.




Web links promoted in the issue

Page 6: Win a Lemonade Mouth prize pack

Page 8: Win a fuzzy topper from Spirithoods

Page 8: Get Crystal Reed’s summer layering look

Page 8: Who was Tyler’s first kiss?

Page 20: Snag our Best New Trend neon look today!

Page 22: Score our Cute & Cheap matching bags ‘n’ sandals right now!

Page 78: Extra insight from our fave teen entrepreneurs

Page 83: Craft a cute lampshade for cheap

Page 85: Win a copy of Melissa Daly’s 87 Ways to Throw a Killer Party

Page 85: Awesome summer soiree ideas




What’s HOT this June/July on Girlslife.com?

Check back June 1st for all this and more!


Summer of Love

Who to ask out this vacay (and—eep!—who to avoid)


Adorable summer date ideas

Super fun ways to bond with your boy


100 cute new outfits to sport on vacay


5 summer hair tricks you gotta try


Become an advice queen!

Whether you are a makeup maven or a dating diva, sign up and start doling out tips


15 ways to make major moolah this summer

Forget the boring ol’ lemonade stand. These ideas work!


Rock vacay right

Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains, here’s what to do, see and try wherever the season takes ya


You asked, we answered. Find out what’s up with your weirdest body questions

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