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Redo your room! 5 ways to cut the clutter

When’s the perfect time to redo your space? Right now! This summer, GL is bringing you fresh how-tos (and totally presh shopping guides) to help you revamp your room in major style. Get psyched, sweeties, ‘cause we’re getting majorly chic…on the cheap, of course!
If the school year left your room in complete havoc (you know what we mean – math homework, shoes, make-up everywhere!), stay tuned for our best tips to declutter and reorganize your boudoir. Giving your pad a li’l spruce-up will create a cool space for you to hang with your face chicas and tonsa space to do nifty projects on those lazy summer days.
Clean out your closet.  Yeah, not so much fun.  But going through and de-cluttering your wardrobe will give you a clean space to work with, and make it easier for you to grab-and-go-out in cute outfits this summer.  Go through everything, and make three piles:  toss, donate, and keep.  Toss out anything completely stained or ruined beyond repair, make a stash of clothes that don’t fit anymore to donate, and the rest go back in your closet.  Put the keepers back, organized how you like it – either by color or item type, or just nicely hanging and folded. 
Make a memory box.  A major source of mess?  Sentimental items that you don’t really need – like concert tickets or old notes from your bf – but you just can’t part with.  So give those mementos a space of their own.  Grab an old shoe box (or a few!) and fill it up, then put it outta the way in your closet or under your bed.  Neater already! 
Organize your beauty products.  If your room is also your place to prettify in the morning, it’s time to get your products in order.  Some items that take up a lotta space, like your straightener or nail polish collection, may be best stored in plastic containers or in your closet.  Smaller items, like make-up brushes or hair spray and perfume, can be stored in colorful cups or buckets and placed by your mirror.  Cute and convenient! 
Snag a jewelry holder.  Misplacing that one earring or bracelet (when you had just the perf outfit for it, natch) can be super-frustrating.  A jewelry holder is a perfect way to display your beautiful baubles and keep them all in one place.  We love this one, with plenty of space for your necklaces and earrings. 

Jewelry Holder, $14,
Get a recycling bin.  When you’re going clean, why not go green as well?  Placing a recycling bin in your room makes stashing your empty water bottles and old homework papers to recycle a cinch.  Any trash can will do (as long as you remember it’s for recycling!), but you can also buy a traditional blue one for not too much.

Rubbermaid Deskside 7-gallon Recycling Bin, $6 each,
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BY MARIE HANSEN ON 6/2/2011 12:00:00 AM


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