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5 classic pool party games

Cannonball! Pool parties are the best, whether you are just chillin’ with your girlies or you decide to invite some cute boys over for a splash war. Looking for some awesome games to play with you buds? Have no fear, pool princesses, ‘cause GL is here! We’re dishing up how-tos on some classic games that everyone can play.


Have your gang hop into the pool and form a single line with about a foot or so of space between each person. On the count of three, have everyone walk around the edge of the pool for a minute, then jog, then run. You’ve created a whirlpool! The water will carry you and your buds around the pool, and if ya try to head the other direction? Sorry, sweeties—not gonna happen! Keep a straight face as all of your besties struggle against the current you create, and take it up a notch with mass Macarena, electric slide or other choreographed dance fun.

You’ll need at least four players for this game, but you can have as many players, partnered up, as you want. Each person gets on their partner’s soldiers and when the game starts you try to knock your opponent off their partner’s shoulders. Lay down the law first: All players must stay away from the side of the pool and just like in dodgeball, hitting someone in the head (or grabbing ‘em by the neck, ears or hair) is grounds for disqualification. Be careful ladies and enjoy!

One person will be it and must close their eyes and try to tag the other players. The “it” individual will call out “Marco!” and all other players have to call out “Polo” in response so that “it” can find them.

And the category is….
Categories is one of our favorites. One of your amigos, the “it” amigo, is on one end of the pool and the rest of your amigos are on the opposite end. “It” picks a category like favorite candy, cute celeb or summer movies. Once the category has been chosen, the players on the opposite end each have to pick one thing from the chosen category. So if the category is cute celebs, then someone on the opposite end might pick Justin Bieber. The “it” amigo then starts to name cute celebrities and if she guess the celebrity that you have secretly chosen, like Justin Bieber, than you race to the opposite end of the pool and the will race to your end of the pool. Whoever reaches their opposite end first wins and becomes the new “it” amigo.

Sharks and minnows 
One friend starts the game as the shark at one end of the pool. The rest of your group is minnows at the other end. On the count of three, the minnows have to swim across the pool and touch the other side without being tagged by the shark. Once a minnow is tagged, they become a shark and start tagging other minnows. The last minnow left wins!

BY LILI TURNER ON 6/9/2011 11:00:00 AM


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