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6 best buys for Dad's day

Dear old Dad deserves a totally terrific token of your appreciation this Father’s Day, and we’re here to help. We scoured the ‘net for some truly perfect prezzies sure to get a grin (and a hug) out of our favorite guy ever. Read on, sweeties!

If he’s gaga for gadgets…
When parents discovered smartphones, they discovered the joy of cell phone games. Let Dad turn his iPhone into an arcade classic with this so-cool gizmo that lets ya play pinball. When is it my turn?
iPhone Pinball Magic, $20, thinkgeek.com

If he’s all about sports…

Yankee lovers, Red Sox die-hards, football fanatics and b-ball addicts alike will adore this new hardcover classic that brings the fans inside ESPN.
Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN, $15, amazon.com

If you call him the “Grill Master”…

Help Dad spice up your next meal with a sampler of different spice rubs. He’ll love experimenting with fresh flavor combos, and you’ll get to be the guinea pig. Yum!

The Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection, $24, Williams-Sonoma

If he’s big into movies…

OK, this gift might have a li’l something for us in it, too, but dad will get a kick out of the remake of True Grit. He can enjoy Jeff Bridges stellar performance, and we’ll watch our girl Hailee give her Oscar-nominated performance. Everybody wins, right?

True Grit on Blu-ray, $18, Best Buy

If he’s a total Mr. Fix It…

Whether he’s restoring a classic car or oiling that squeaky screen door, we love the idea of supporting dad in his hobbies. And hey, if he wants to use it while making another bookshelf for all of our novels, so be it.

Magwear Magnetic Wristband, $20, redenvelope.com

If you’re teaming up with yours sibs…

Chip in and grab something that you can do together. Maybe you’ll treat Dad to tickets to a local baseball game or a movie he’s dying to see. Maybe you’ll buy him that box CD set he’s been eyeing. Or maybe you’ll grab a video game. Who doesn’t love Mario Bros.?

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, $50, Best Buy

Tell me, babes: What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?



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