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Brighten up your bedroom for under $20

Is your room sending you blah vibes? Give it a punch of personality with fun lighting, bold patterns and sweet sounds and scents. When it comes to a boudoir you love chilling in, you certainly don’t have to spend a boatland to go from boring to beautiful.

Mix your bed set patterns
Mixing patterns is totally on trend when it comes to the threads you wear on your body. Why not use that same idea in your room? Ask your mom if she has any spare pillowcases, sheets or comforters around the house that you can use. Pick a few with at least one corresponding color, like blue-and-yellow flower sheets and a blue-and-white striped comforter. So unique, so chic!

Set the soundtrack
Jazz up your room with a mix of songs to fit the mood you want to create. Pick a selection of poppy tunes like Miranda Cosgrove’s “Dancing Crazy” for getting outta bed in the morning or dolling up for a party, or chill ones like “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars for just hanging around in your PJs. Or, make separate collections for diff occasions! Burn the playlist to a disc or put it on your iPod and play it in your room.

Create a Scent-sation
Smell-good stuff is a great way to make your room inviting. But let’s face it: Mom and Dad aren’t always cool with you lighting candles (even if you promise a million times you won’t forget to blow it out). That’s why we love the SCENTBUG™: ah-dorable, cheap, and you can refill it with new scents whenever!
SCENTBUG™ Home Fragrance Oil Fan, $8, bathandbodyworks.com

Get some new throw pillows
Changing your bed set is often the first thing people think of when redecorating their room, but a full set of sheets, comforters, and pillows can get pretty pricey. Instead, opt for just getting some new throw pillows – they add a decorative touch, but don’t blow the bank. We heart this glam and girly set from JCPenney.
Seventeen Traci Dot Accent Pillows, $20, jcpenney.com

Decorate with Christmas lights
String lights aren’t just for the holidays – they can add a pretty twinkle to your room any time of the year. Ask your mom if she’s got any extras you can use, and string them around your headboard or across your mirror or window. Gotta buy them yourself? You’re in luck – there are all kinds of options available any time of the year, from colored lights to ones shaped like hearts, paper lanterns, or anything else you can think of! We’re diggin’ on these white LED ones – simple, classic, and eco-friendly.
Philips 60ct. LED C6 String Lights – Warm White Bulbs, $12, target.com

BY MARIE HANSEN ON 6/12/2011 10:00:00 AM


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