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  • 01-icecream.jpg


    Host an ice cream social! Who doesn't want this yummy treat during the hot summer days? You could even make your own ice cream.


    Need some recipes? We’re lovin’…

    - Homemade ice cream sandwiches

    - Bake a cupcake cone

    - 10 DIY ice cream sundaes

  • 02-popsicles.jpg


    Pour your fave juice into an ice cube tray and toss in some popsicle sticks. After a few hours you'll have the perfect homemade summer treat!


    We are so in love with popsicles, we featured them in our June/July issue! Is your mouth watering of the strawberry cheesecake popsicles pictured? Pick up a copy of Charity Ferreira’s Perfect Pops and get yourself in the kitchen!

  • 03-ritas.jpg


    When the temps get sweltering, you’ve gotta cool off somehow. What better way than treating yourself to an ice-cold refreshment? Make every Friday Rita’s day and treat yourself to a new flavor once a week.

  • 04-potluck.jpg


    Have a yummy potluck dinner party. Let your friends sign up for what they want to bring—appetizer, entrée or dessert—so you can all try each other’s favorite dishes. Make sure to put someone in charge of cutlery, plates, napkins and beverages!

  • 05-rootbeer.jpg


    Make a root beer float. Don't have root beer? Any soda will do! Try strawberry ice cream and cream soda, or for a summer twist on a Harry Potter favorite, dulce de leche or vanilla ice cream with cream soda and a drizzle of butterscotch sauce. Yum-o.

  • 06-mint.jpg


    Try growing fresh mint. It adds a nice summery touch to iced tea, lemonade or plain-old ice water.


    Check out healthy food ideas for when temps soar!

  • 07-picnic.jpg


    Enjoy a picnic. Whether you’re heading out to the Great Outdoors with your fam or your friends, you’re sure to have a blast. Don’t forget the picnic blanket!


    - Keep the food finger-friendly

    - Bring lots of napkins, just in case

    - Always clean up after yourself

  • 08-mocktail.jpg

    Learn how to make mocktails. You and your girls can sit by the pool with an ice-cold drink in hand.


    Looking for some summery sips? Try 3 delish iced-tea recipes or 4 fab smoothies.

  • 09-berries.jpg


    Pick your own fruits and veggies. Fresh, local produce is one of the best things about summer. Bypass your local farmer’s market and hit up a co-op or a farm that’ll let ya pick your munchies yourself.


    We’re scooping up…

    - Cherries

    - The last of the season’s strawberries

    - Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, oh my!

    - Tomatoes

    - Peaches

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