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Should teens be able to buy violent videogames?

As video games grow increasingly explicit, certain groups have been pushing for laws to prohibit minors from purchasing violent videogames. One such law in California fined retailers $1,000 for selling or renting a game of that nature to those under 18, though adults were still allowed to buy such games for children.

But no longer! In a decision upholding First Amendment free expression rights, the U.S. Supreme Court offered up a smack-down of it’s very own. In a 7-2 vote, the justices decided that the government cannot apply such restrictions to means of creative expression because of violent content. Justice Antonin Scalia compared the games to explicit novels children read in schools, dubbed “classics,” and even fairytales, citing the gory Grimms collection.

Two judges dissented, in favor of putting such purchases in the hands of parents or guardians rather than minors. Do you think they’re in the right? Should violent games—and movies, T.V. shows and books—be materials purchased only by adults? Or should kids be able to decide what they want to play, watch and read by themselves? Weigh in, babes!



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