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Make cafeteria friends the first day back

I just got my schedule for the school year, and none of my friends have the same lunch periods I do! How can I make new friends fast so I’ll have someone to hang with during lunch?

Sorry to hear about your sitch, sweetie. It stinks to be away from your buds, and the pressure to find new amigas by lunch just adds to first day stress. Here’s what ya gotta do: Don’t look at this scheduling scare as a disaster, but rather as an opportunity to meet new people. Instead of clinging to your girls and sitting alone in the caf every day, get yourself out there and decide to have a positive outlook on the new year. Good luck chica!

Make connections
Eek! As the first bell rings, the anticipation of the new school year is at an all-time high. As you and your classmates shuffle into your new classroom, use your nervous energy to strike up a conversation. Single out any familiar faces and reconnect—there’s so much to talk about! It’ll be easy to figure out what lunch they have in a conversation all about schedules and school. Of course, if they’re chowing down earlier or later than you, no need to walk away. It’s always good to have a friend in class for group projects or class activities, but keep searching for your lunch crowd.
Meet new people
It can be super awkward to just walk up to someone and introduce yourself, so when you spy a group of your friends chatting with strangers in the hallways, join the conversation. Your friends will introduce you with zero embarrassment, and if you run into them in the cafeteria line, you’ll already know their name.
Cafeteria courage
And if all else fails? Be brave and introduce yourself to a group that looks nice. Setting down your cafeteria tray is by no means a commitment. Feel free to switch up your lunch table groups as you get to know more people. Just remember: Everyone feels awkward at some point, and especially on nerve-wracking occasions like the first day of school. So be sweet to everybody and you’ll have a table of terrific new buds in no time.


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BY SARAH GOLDBERG ON 8/29/2013 12:00:00 AM

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