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5 tips for the best school year ever

Why bemoan your return to school when you could totally rock it? Enough grumbling about geometry. It’s time to put away your fears and tears and knock this year outta the park. We’ve got five tips to make your new school year just as fun as the summertime. Well, almost!


Tip #1: Make studying a good time

If the idea of an afternoon reading from a textbook drives you cuh-razy, it’s time to find new study methods. Pick up a new way to remember things: If you love music, try writing a song with the dates of the revolutionary war. Teaching the subject to someone who knows nothing about it, like a little sibling, can be totally helpful. They’ll learn a little and may ask you questions you never thought about. Essay got ya bummed? Call over a friend and debate with her the points of your essay. By poking holes in your argument, your chica will help ya write a stronger position paper.

Tip #2: Pick up something non-academic

Sure, studying is important and all, but it’s just as important to try things that have nothing to do with school. Pick up a new sport, learn to play an instrument or read some novels just for you. Taking a break from the books reduces your stress level and keeps ya focused when you really need to pay attention, like during a lecture or before a test.

Tip #3: Ditch the drama

Your BFF calls and she’s crying about how that a sweetie in your social circle is spreading rumors about her…and she wants you to talk to her. Instead of rushing right into the middle of none-of-your-business territory and getting involved in an explosive sitch, take a deep breath and tell your girl that while you’d love to listen to her problem, you don’t wanna step in it. Getting caught up in drama absolutely drains you of mental energy and puts you in a tricky position. Be a good friend, but know when to draw the line.

Tip #4: Make the most of your school

Take advantage of what your school has to offer. If they have fun clubs, join a few that sound interesting. If you dig soccer and they have a great team, try out! If you get involved you’ll meet more people, try new things and build up a nice extracurricular sched. Win-win.

Tip #5: Ask for help

And if you’re still behind in class, can’t make it to a club or a team and you’re totally caught up in crazy drama? It’s totally OK to look for some assistance. That’s what your guidance counselor, parents, friends, coaches and teachers are there for. Don’t be afraid to come forward and admit you’re struggling. Everyone has problems in school, but if you can fix ‘em before they get out of hand, there’s no need to stress. See, aren’t you happier already? Good luck, girls. Here’s hoping for the best year ever!


BY SARAH GOLDBERG ON 7/22/2014 12:00:00 AM


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