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Host a pre-homecoming soiree

The big dance is coming up, and you’re trying to figure out plans.  Sure, it can be super-fun to get together with friends at a restaurant, but that can be expensive and way difficult to arrange.  So why not host a pre-homecoming party at your place?  We’ve got some tips for putting together a fun and low-key event before the first big dance of the year. 


Set the guest list

This event is perfect for a medium-size group of your friends.  You want to get the word out early, before people have made other plans or dinner reservations.  Type up a simple flier – you can dress it up with clip art to match the homecoming theme.  Follow up with an e-mail or Facebook message, which are easy for RSVPs and communicating about things like transportation and food.  You can go with just your girls, or you can invite a group of couples.  A mixed group of couples and singles is fine too, but make sure there’s an even split.

Here’s a hint…

Hosting a pre-homecoming party can make it even easier to ask that guy you’ve been eyeing as a perfect date.  Letting him know you’ll be going as a group can make it seem more laid-back and low-pressure, leading to a more-likely yes and less nerves for him!


Glam up with your girls

Hitting up the salon is one way to score a totally gorge look, but getting ready at home with your girls can be even better (especially if you’ve got hair or make-up mavens in your group!).  If you’ve got guys coming to the party, let the girls know what time to arrive so you have enough time to get ready together. The first important thing to consider is space:  ask your parents if you can designate the biggest bathroom in your house as the glam zone.  You could also consider having multiple stations, like your bedroom for dressing up, one bathroom for make-up, and another for hair. Get out your curling and flat irons, and make space for other girls to bring theirs. 

Need some inspiration?

If ya need some beauty inspiration, GL’s got 3 Hot Homecoming Looks to get you started.  One more thing?  Turn up a playlist of songs to get you pumped for the dance – girly, pop-y picks like “Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez are perfect. 

Eat up!

Having dinner at your house will save everyone money and be much easier than going to a restaurant.  Simple, easy and non-messy foods are really the way to go.  Spaghetti or wings, while crowd-pleasers, are bound to add a pattern your bud’s sparkly white dress.  DIY pizza and chocolate-covered strawberries are tasty and special.  You could also do pot luck – each person or couple is assigned to bring a main entrée, a side dish, or a dessert.

Snap pics

One of the best pre-dance rituals?  Taking all-dressed-up pictures beforehand (we see new profile pics in the making!).  Scope out a good place in your house to snap photos, taking into consideration lighting, space and background.

Get to the dance

Carpooling is really the way to go – better for the environment, and so much fun.  If you’ve got drivers in your group, ask in advance if they’d be willing to take the wheel and how many passengers they can take.  Otherwise, talk to your ‘rents and ask a friend if their parents can chauffer, too, if you need more room.  Once dinner and pics are over, it’s time to go out for a fabulous evening!

Have a sleepover
If you’re going with just your girls (or even if you aren’t), think about inviting them to sleep over after.  You chicas will have sooo much to talk about when the night’s over – the fab dresses you spotted, and “Oh my gosh, did you see who asked me to dance?”  When the dance is over, head back to your place, take off your make-up, get some munchies ready (you’ll likely have danced up an appetite!) and rehash every detail of the dance until you fall asleep.  Goodnight, Cinderellas!

BY MARIE HANSEN ON 9/15/2011 12:00:00 AM

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