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Host a fab fall fete!

Now that the weather is cooling down and the homework is adding up, the days of sandals and spontaneous pool parties are a thing of the past.  But that doesn’t mean you have to give up kicking back with your friends!  Take the fun indoors and relax with your girls by having a low-key, fall-themed sleepover.  Who misses summer now?


Easy invites

For a no-fuss sleepover, it’s totally fine to just text or call your girls with the plan.  However, if you want to make things extra-special, hand out paper invites.  Grab some orange construction paper, cut out pumpkin shapes and write the party deets on one side.  On the other, fab it up with orange or gold glitter.  Totally girly and laid-back – just like your sleepover! 


Drama-free décor

You can easily spruce up your hang-space for a cozy night with your besties.  Light some candles – spicy scents like cinnamon fit for fall (just don’t forget to blow it out before you go to bed!).   White Christmas lights give your living room or bedroom the feel of a starry fall night.  Put out extra blankets for your guests to cuddle up in - warm colors, like red and orange, are totally on season. 


Autumn eats

Fall has sooo many tasty treats associated with it!  It’s hard to pick, but for a girls’ night at home, we love hot spiced apple cider and kettle corn.  For the morning (and, okay, maybe late-night too), bake up some delish chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.  Seasonal and sweet!   


Seasonal spa

Face masks and mani/pedis are spa-night staples.  No need to ditch the classics, but update them with a fall twist.  Whip up this pumpkin face mask and stock up on fall’s hottest nail colors – we love plum, rose gold, and these 3 fab nail hues.   


Fall flicks

Finish off the evening by curling up with our fave fall-themed movies! 


A Cinderella Story – We could watch the scene where Sam, played by Hilary Duff, meets her Prince Charming (aka cutie Chad Michael Murry) at the Halloween dance over and over. 


When Harry Met Sally… - Okay, this one isn’t exactly fall-themed, but there is a beautiful scene of the friends-turned-soulmates walking through the autumn leaves.  And hey, they do fall in love!  


The Twilight series! – Part 1 of Breaking Dawn comes out November 18th, so now is the time to get caught up!  Watch them all… or just fast-forward to your fave werewolf or vampire scenes.  We won’t tell!


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