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5 perfect Homecoming dresses

The clock is ticking and you're in a rush to get the perfect Homecoming getup. Fret not, fashionista. Before you hit the mall, we've got the best frocks to rock on the dance floor with the accessories to match. Now go—your big night awaits!

Red-carpet worthy

Take a hint from Lea Michele at the Emmys and go for a red hot li'l number. Don't forget to smile and wave to the paparazzi (aka your BFF).

Savoy Ballroom Pleated Red Dress, $42, lulus.com

Best paired with... nude stilettos and dangling crystal earrings.

Pep it up

One word: peplum. That flirty flounce at the waist is all we needed to see to fall for this purr-fect leopard print dress.

Spot the Fashionista, $48, modcloth.com

Best paired with... red pumps with a gold cuff.

Shimmer and shimmy

Wanna stand out in the crowd? Look no further than a glitzy sequin dress. Just wait 'til you stand underneath those lights for an instant disco ball effect.

Sequin-Frenzy One Shoulder Dress, $43, charlotterusse.com

Best paired with... a cocktail ring and a black handbag.

Stock up on colorblock

Fall formals don't equal dull dresses. Soak in the bright 'n' bold trend with a multi-colored jewel-toned frock.

Speechless Colorblock Strapless Dress (Juniors), $68, nordstroms.com

Best paired with... neutral or gold heels and blue or green jewelery.

Lovely li'l LBD

Here it is, girlies, the no-fail frock perfect for any swanky event: the LBD. We heart the darling roses on the shoulder of this understated number.


Rosette Shoulder Dress, $23, forever21.com

Best paired with... a pop of colorful heels and a contrasting clutch.

BY KARMEN FOX ON 9/30/2011 11:00:00 AM

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