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Be the Homecoming queen this year!

Fall dance on the horizon? Jewel tones and metallic accessories give ensembles real magic — and don’t have to come at a pretty penny. So grab the purse and your Prince Charming: GL’s got three fairy tale-inspired get-ups under $70 that will leave you cash to spare for the big night.

A jeweled-toned, sweetheart-neck dress with gem accessories adds an extra oomph of elegance to any evening ball. Wear with bright heels and hair pulled half up, half down.
Vermillion to One Dress, $53, modcloth.com

Blue Stone Collar Necklace, $13, charlotterusse.com

Channel your inner goddess with a draping, one-shoulder dress. Wear with gold bangles, a headband and gladiator sandals.

Birthstone One Shoulder Purple Dress, $36, lulus.com


Lipsy ‘Exclusive to Asos’ Diamante Chunky Chain Head Band, $11, asos.com


Blu Bijoux Rock and Roll Bangle Set, $15, maxandchloe.com

Unleash your wild side with a print dress and tribal jewelry. Wear with hair up and with gold heels for a touch of glam.

Mimi Chica Ruffled One Shoulder Dress, $44, nordstrom.com

Beams of Ra Necklace, $20, anthropologie.com
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