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4 more tips for rocking the right running sneakers

Whether you’re just getting into running or if you’ve been hitting the trails for years, the shoes you wear are important for making your run worthwhile (and safe from injury). But it’s hard to pick out a pair when there are so many styles out there. To help you out, here are some tips on picking out the perf pair of running shoes.

The salesperson is your friend
Most employees at shoe stores are trained to help you find the shoes you need, so when they ask if they can help you find anything, let them know exactly what you’re looking for. Tell them if you are a novice, and what you want your shoes to help you accomplish your goals.  Do you want a bouncy and cushiony shoe or one that’s firm and stable? The salesperson can help you out with this and more when it comes to deciding on your new kicks.

Find your foot type
It’s important to know your foot type when picking out shoes, because different types require different shoe styles to maximize your running potential. Figure out yours by doing a “wet test:” Wet the bottom of your foot and make a footprint on a piece of paper or cardboard. If you see most of your footprint, that means you have a flat foot, and that you need a shoe with less cushioning and more mid-sole support. A footprint that curves slightly inward is a normal footprint, and you can wear most running shoes. You have high-arched feet if your footprint curves in dramatically so that there isn’t much connecting the heel and ball of your footprint.  These feet require more cushioning to absorb shock while running.

Comfort is key
Unsurprisingly, the best shoes for your body are often the most comfortable ones, so shop based on how shoes feel, not how they look. The expensive new pair with flashy colors may look super cool, but could wreck your feet. Try on a bunch of pairs and walk or jog around the store so you can really experience how they feel. You’re gonna be running in these for a while, so they should fit how you want them to.

Don’t forget about durability
Remember how often and where you are going to use your shoes when you’re buying a new pair. If you’re just using yours in gym class, then more lightweight and flexible shoes might feel better on your feet. But if you’re planning on using yours on outdoor trails and for other activities like biking and hiking, take weather into account and choose a thicker pair that can withstand things like rain and mud.

Running is a fab way to a healthy lifestyle, but you can’t get there without the perfect kicks. Get to the mall or a sporting goods store to find the best pair for you before you hit the ground running, speed demon.
Find the ASICS GEL-Equation 5, featured above, at zappos.com. For more shoe options, check out these kicks.


BY RACHEL NUGENT ON 10/12/2011 3:00:00 PM

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