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Your craftiest DIY Halloween ideas EVER!

Oh, Halloween. Your candy is delicious. Your tricks are truly terror-ific. But your costumes? Talk about pricey! We’re convinced that there’s no reason to empty your piggy banks for a spooktacular Halloween. This year, we are DIYing it!


Take our survey to share your craftiest Halloween DIYs, then email it to qotw@girlslife.com. We’ll be sharing the best ideas on girlslife.com!


1. What’s your favorite way to carve or decorate a pumpkin? Give us a step-by-step!


2. Best way to bedeck a homemade haunted house?


3. Craziest celeb costume inspiration?


4. Hands-down best DIY costume you’ve seen?


5. Best DIY costume you’ve worn?


6. Funniest Halloween trick?


7. Tastiest homemade Halloween treat?



P.S. – Got a pic? Send it in to qotw@girlslife.com! You might just be featured on the site.

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 10/12/2011 4:43:00 PM

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