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7 ways to have a wicked wonderful time this weekend

As Halloween approaches, spooky experiences are popping up across the nation. No matter where you live, we guarantee there’s something going on near you. Whether it’s a pick-your-own pumpkin palooza, a crazy corn maze or haunted hayride, there’s bound to be something seasonal right around the corner.


Ready to get your scream on? Be on the lookout for…



From pumpkin painting to epic corn mazes, farms are loaded with fun things to do during Halloween. In the weeks leading up to Oct. 31, most will offer special events on the weekends for different age groups. Think costume contests, face painting, and terror-ific haunted hayrides.


Historic buildings

If your area boasts an old home that’s now open to the public as a historic building, chances are they’ve got plenty of horror stories to tell. Drop by for a tour, or check their events calendar to see if they’re throwing a Halloween party this year.


Amusement parks

Frightfests abound all fall long at theme parks across the U.S. During the day, check out tame activities like parades and contests. At night, expect to be spooked by folks in crazy costumes.


Zoos and aquariums

Log on to your local zoo’s website to see if they’re gearing up for a “Boo at the Zoo” event. Grab your buds and hang with the animals for an afternoon, collecting candy and playing games as you go.


Old prisons

Some of the creepiest haunted house-type tours are through old jails. They might not be occupied by prisoners and wardens any more, but you can bet come Halloween, the ghosts of prisoners past will come out to play.


Historically haunted areas

Battlefields, graveyards and towns with tons of history typically offer top-notch ghost tours this time of year. For smaller operations, you might have to call for an itinerary, but do drag along your friends and family for an evening of spooky stories.



There’s no such thing as a zombie that goes solo, so when ya see one, expect more to stagger their way down the street. Be on the lookout for undead dudes and darlings on parade, and feel free to join in!


What do you do in your area to get in the Halloween spirit?

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 10/13/2011 12:48:00 PM

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