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Get psyched for "Breaking Dawn" with a sleepover!

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is almost here! To hold you over ‘til it comes out, try hosting a Twilight-themed party this weekend. Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, a Cullen-worthy soiree will get you totally pumped for the new movie. Try having it this weekend, or for the serious fans, right before the midnight premiere!


Gather up your Twi-hards

Since everyone is super excited for the wedding scene, why not go all out and make your invites as fancy as Bella and Edward’s? Think cardstock, stick-on gems, ribbon and calligraphy pens. Make it pretty with white and lavender, or go for a gothic color scheme with black and red. Write out the invitation formally: “(Your Name) requests your presence on the (date) of November in celebration of Breaking Dawn: Part 2.” For extra fun, have everyone wear their wedding best. It will give your party a chic, classy feel.


Set the mood

Get inspired by the Twilight books and decorate your house in black and red. Get red tablecloths and light black and red candles for a dim, intimate atmosphere. Print out some of your fave quotes from the series and hang them on your walls. Don’t forget the music! Make a playlist with soundtrack songs from all the movies, including Muse and Edward’s Lullaby.


Bloody good food

Serve your guests vampire-style with blood-inspired drinks and snacks. Sip red punch in glasses labeled “Type O” and “Type B,” or “Elk” and “Mountain Lion.” Set out red candies like licorice, skittles and M & Ms. Bake some seriously delectable red velvet cupcakes, and spatter red food coloring on top of white icing to make your cupcakes look like they are covered in blood. Top off your goodies with a few bowls of apples., natch


Read your fortune

Maybe you can’t see into the future like Alice can, but palm reading is a fun way to predict what’s coming up in your life. Check out this website for the basic lines to look for on your hands. Finished seeing into the future? Now let the predictions begin! Take turns guessing movie details, like what Bella’s dress will look like, how gory the birth scene will be and where the book will be split.


Team trivia

Sure, Bella and Edward are getting married, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support Jacob anymore. Split your group into teams Edward and Jacob and play a trivia game. Have Mom or Dad read the questions, and the first team to answer gets a point. Give red lip gloss or nail polish to the winning team—and be sure to brush up on your Twilight knowledge before playing!


Watch the flicks

You can’t really celebrate Breaking Dawn without marathon-ing the first three movies! Before you fall asleep, make sure to watch Bella and Edward’s romance from the beginning. All of the vampire- and werewolf-filled drama will have you thirsty for more!

BY RACHEL NUGENT ON 11/6/2012 12:00:00 AM

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