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11 body myths you shouldn't believe

We get tonsa questions each day from readers wondering if a rumor they’ve heard is fact or fiction. Want the truth? If it sounds too good to be true—or seriously nutty!—it probably is. Here are 11 myths that you really shouldn’t buy into.


Low fat is always better for you

Sure, the nutrition stats on the back of the bag of reduced-fat chips you’re munching might sit better with your conscious, but full-fat chips (and cheese and ice cream, for example) often leave you more satiated with a smaller helping.


Underwire bras cause cancer

This one is a popular rumor, but it’s totally baseless. Wear your underwire with confidence!


Toothpaste is the best acne cure out there

While it does work in a pinch, toothpaste is really drying for your skin, making it a total last resort acne treatment rather than a go-to. Instead, head to the drugstore and grab a spot treatment loaded with salicylic acid.


Doing crunches will blast tummy fat

Crunches and other ab-fab moves are great to get your muscles in tip-top shape, but to blast fat, you’ve gotta include some cardio in your workout. Hit up the elliptical, jump some rope, play soccer with your sibs—anything to get active.


Swallowed bubblegum stays in your tummy for 7 years

Not so, sweetie! While the ingredients in gum certainly aren’t good for you, it only takes a few days for your digestive system to knock that sucker outta the park.


Drinking coffee stunts your growth

Sipping java has no effect on how tall (or short) you are. But turning to coffee (or Coke or Red Bull) for a burst of energy isn’t a fab idea, babe. Eating healthily, exercising daily and getting enough sleep will leave ya feeling recharged every morning…and rocking your daily sched. 


Virgins can’t use tampons

Using a tampon isn’t a sign that you’re sexually active. Most girls are able to use tampons comfortably throughout their lives, whether they’ve had sex or not. You won’t break your hymen…or lose your virginity…if you opt for tampons over pads.


Dieting will help you lose weight

Cutting out empty calories (think soda) and junk food (buh-bye, potato chips!) can help you stay healthy. But restricting the number of calories you eat each day will force your body into survival mode, making it cling to the carbs and fat you do ingest. Get the deets here


Your boobs don’t even out ‘til you’re 18

This one depends entirely on the girl. Some women’s boobs are always even. Some even out later in life. And some remain uneven. There’s no way to tell whether or not your breasts will be the same size in the future, so embrace your girls now! 


Piercing your ears can paralyze you

A doc has told us that there is no nerve in the ear that can paralyze you if you hit it accidentally while getting your ears pierced. So rock those studs without fear, OK?


Skipping breakfast is A-OK

Don’t feel like sitting down to eggs and bacon? It’s time to find a tasty alternative that appeals to ya, babe, ‘cause breakfast is way important. Whether you munch granola swirled into yogurt or a bowl of cereal, get something in your belly within an hour of waking up.

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 2/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

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Gradually limit yourself to two sweets per week.  Start with one a day, and little by little reduce.  This will make you healthier and happier!
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