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Trend alert: Our 5 fave faux fur goodies

Our hands-down fave thing about fall dressing? Faux fur! It adds an instant hit of luxe to any outfit. Just try any faux fur piece with a tee and jeans—and wait for the compliments to roll in.
Go cropped
A cropped coat adds volume and texture to a slinky dress for a super glam vibe. Add ankle boots, and you’re ready to rock, babe.


Fur Get Me Not Taupe Crop Jacket, $47, lulus.com

Get trapped

A too-cute trapper hat gets a fuzzy update with furry pompoms—stay cozy all season long with this textured topper.


Staring at Stars Pom Faux Fur Trapper Hat, $30, urbanoutfitters.com

A good in-vest-ment
Every closet needs a furry vest, trust us. This season, we’re big on the fuzzy outerwear thing—try it underneath your cargo jacket for a new take on layering.


Faux Fur Vest, $40, delias.com  

Bag it

This soft and slouchy messenger bag is equally perfect for an after-school coffee date or a big night out.


Women’s Faux-Fur Shoulder Bag, $30, oldnavy.com

Cute to boot

Think how cozy your tootsies will be on those blustery fall days? A fur cuff makes even the chilliest days more bearable, promise. 


Minnetonka Sierra Side Lace Cuff Boot, $80, ae.com



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