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On set with Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!




Our fave Duncan clan’s hitting Palm Springs Dec. 2 for Disney Channel’s hilarious Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! movie. We took a trip of our own and visited Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolley and Bradley Steven Perry on the film’s Utah set, where we uncovered a few more secrets…
  • 1BradleyCooler.jpg

    What a treat!

    Not only did the set have yummy drinks, there was everything from veggie plates and fun-sized candy to, um, bread pudding—Bradley Steven Perry’s fave. “They put vanilla ice cream on top and pecan’s on the side. It’s so good,” he tells us.

  • 2BridgitRoadtrip.jpg

    Q & A

    The flick’s all about a family trip-turned chaotic. So we had to ask Bridgit what her go-to car game is when she’s on the road with her own fam. “My family always plays 20 Questions,” she tells us. “I once used ‘footsteps’ and people were trying to guess forever. I also used ‘yard sale,’ which is tricky because everything could be in one.”

  • 3JasonOutside.jpg

    Sunny Side Up

    He might be lovin’ the sun on this rare non-snowy Utah day but, listen up, Jason Dolley was scripted to be shirtless—and sunburnt—for many scenes. “I made lots of awkward small talk with the makeup artist,” he tells us of getting his faux glow.

  • 4BradleyGL.jpg

    Gifts Galore

    Caught ya! While we think GL would make a great gift for many, Bradley told us he’s clueless when it comes to holiday shopping for girls. He has no clue what to get his castmates! “I kind of lose it when I get to the girls, which is sad since I have three sisters,” he tells us.


  • 5BridgitCar.jpg

    Propped Up

    Bridgit told us if she could bring one prop home with her from Utah, it would be the Yugo family car (in this pic). Says Bridgit, “It’s hard for me to look at cars I want to get for myself because they’re all too shiny or new. I want a bad old one like that, but shouldn’t. They don’t work as well.”

  • 6JasonDoor.jpg

    Home Sweet Home

    Consider Utah one of Jason’s homes away from home. Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! was his FOURTH Disney Channel Original Movie shot in the state. “I’ve gotten to know most of the crew pretty well,” he tells us. “The people are what I am going to miss most.”

  • 7BridgitScript.jpg

    Well Scripted

    We spotted Bridgit Mendler going over her most memorable scene, which was actually the first one she shot on location. “It was in the diner with these two characters who did a lot of improv with each other. I basically had to memorize these giant monologues of dialogue on the fly but I think it was fresh because of that. It was really fun,” she says. 

  • 8BradleySong.JPG

    Let It Snow

    According to Bradley, “Frosty the Snowman” was constantly hummed by the cast last Christmas when they were back in LA. “It just kept going and going,” he says. Wonder which jam will stick this time.

  • 9JasonBackstage.jpg

    Hidden Treasures

    The dressing rooms weren’t as cushy as the show’s L.A. soundstage, but there were some hidden treasures. “I found something addressed to Diane Keaton behind the couch,” Jason tells us.   

  • 10GangChairs.jpg

    Mind Games

    Whatcha doing, boys? When Jason and Bradley weren’t off paintballing, they could be found playing games like MasterMind between takes.  


Be sure to check out Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! when it premieres on Disney Channel Friday, Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.


BY PATRICIA MCNAMARA ON 11/29/2011 6:04:00 PM

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