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Get festive like Taylor Swift

Maybe you guessed it by her hit “Back to December” or by her birthday, but Taylor Swift loves December! She just spent Thanksgiving weekend back home in Nashville, and it seems like she caught lots of holiday spirit while she was there. Check out how Taylor is prepping for the holiday season, and get inspired to spread some of your own holiday cheer!

Spend time with family and friends

Taylor was photographed getting coffee with friends during her time home. Sure, you see your friends and parents everyday, but when’s the last time you spent quality time together not in school or in front of the TV? The next time you feel like laying in bed all Sunday morning, call your bestie and hit up a café instead. And try giving Grandma a call once in a while. Even if you’ll see relatives on the holidays, a good convo is always appreciated.

Get Crafty

Taylor fans already know that she loves to knit and bake, but she recently uploaded a pic of handmade snow globes, or as she called them, “Christmas in a jar, with glitter.” Taylor’s look so cute, and they’re super easy to make yourself! All you need is a jar of any size, distilled water, a little glycerin, epoxy adhesive, glitter, and some festive figurines. All of the supplies (except the distilled water) are available at a craft store. Use the epoxy to attach your figurine to the lid of the jar and let it dry. Pour distilled water, glitter, and a pinch of glycerin in the jar, and then screw on the lid tightly. Turn over, and presto, you have a snow globe! You might not need a reason to get started, but these make perfect holiday decorations and gifts.

How-to for snow globes from marthastewart.com

Send greetings, Taylor style

With song lyrics that come from the heart, it only seems natural that Taylor would write genius greeting cards. Turns out, she does, and her new collection for American Greetings has cards for every occasion. The holiday cards are perfect for everyone on your list, so if you need help crafting the perfect message, let T-Swift help you out by picking up some of her cards at the store.

BONUS! The American Greetings website is giving away 13 Taylor Swift Christmas prize packs so you can really celebrate like she does!

Are you going to celebrate the holidays T-Swift style? Blog about it, babes.

BY RACHEL NUGENT ON 12/2/2011 12:00:00 AM

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