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10 trendy treats for under $25

Trying to find the gift for the chic chick who seems to have everything? We’ve got 10 fashionable finds that clock in at under $25. Who says the holidays have to blow your budget outta the water? Let’s get shoppin’…


Dreaming of a white Christmas

Keep your besties cozy this winter with these adorable pink heart printed leg warmers from Nordstrom. This cute accessory will have your bff looking beyond fashionable….. not to mention she can pair them with everything from her blacker-than-night skinnies to her girly chord skirts. How fab is that?


Patterned Leg Warmers, $12, Nordstrom.com


Glam rock

Keep your girlies in the holiday spirit with Jingle Bell G perfume from Harajuku Lovers! This warm, wintery fragrance is sweet scented, and comes in a wonderful bottle! In her super cute outfit Jingle Bell G will make your friend smile with joy! (Psst: Jingle Bell G has a built-in clip on her stopper, yep she doubles as a Christmas tree ornament.)


Jingle G, $25, sephora.com


Let’s jet!

Help your pal protect her tech in style! We adore this cuter-than-cute laptop bag that’s sure to catch eyes and steal hearts—including your bestie’s!

Victoria’s Secret Pink Laptop Case, $20, victoriassecret.com


Get in the kitchen

Give your friend’s kitchen clothes a make over with the oh-so cute Hello Kitty Oven Mitt Set. Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to bake up a storm this winter break, right?

Hello Kitty Oven Mitt Set, $20, sanrio.com


Perfectly polished

For the chica who’s forever changing up her tips, this is the gift you’ve been searching for! These babies last for more than week, sans chipping, and they go on in a flash.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, 2 for $13, Walgreens.com


Beauty booty

This whimsical lotion has a thick, creamy formula that leaves hands smooth and soft. The combo of sugary florals, iced fruits and rich musk will have your girl seeing visions of sugarplums in no time.


Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Triple Moisture Body Cream: Be Enchanted, $13, bathandbodyworks.com


Keep it cozy

You’ll score major kudos for gifting any animal-lover—OK, anyone, period!—with this cuter-than-words panda knit hat. Talk about presh!

Arizona Pink Panda Skull Cap, $10, jcpenney.com


‘Cause baby, you’re a firework!

Shopping for a diva who dreams of raiding Katy Perry’s beauty bag? Grab her a gift she’ll be singin’ about for ages.

Katy Perry Chapstick, $10, katyperry.shop.bravadousa.com


Scrub a dub

Pamper your BFF with our favorite bubble bath bomb from luxe body product company Lush. The vanilla scent is sweet without being overbearing, and packing with essential oils. Ahh…

Think Pink Bath Bomb, $5, Lush


Bow-tastic babe

This spinning jewelry stand—topped with a pretty bow—is the ideal gift for the bud who’s buried under her immense earring collection. She’ll never look long for her favorite pair again!

Spinning Ribbon Jewelry Stand, $19, urbanoutfitters.com

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