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How to get your NYE kiss tonight

You already have the perfect lip gloss, but when it comes to snagging a kiss when the ball drops, you’re totally clueless! Stress no more, girlies. If you're ready for a midnight pucker (if not, keep this bookmarked for next year), we have the guide to getting your New Year's Eve kiss. So, freshen up that gloss before the clock strikes 12, because it won’t be the only thing on your lips when you ring in the New Year.

Be confident
You won’t be able to get the attention of the cutest guy in the room if you don’t feel like the star of the party! Wear something that makes you feel oh-so fab, and try rocking a new trend that will put all eyes on you, like a statement necklace or sparkly heels.

Get kissable lips
No one wants to kiss chapped and dry lips, so spruce yours up before the party. Sugar-based scrubs are great for removing dead skin, but if you don’t want to shell out the cash for one, you can rub a wet paper towel between your lips. For extra softness, layer a lip balm under your gloss. Smooth and cute!

Be a social butterfly
Maybe you want to kiss your crush of the past month or past few years, but either way, you’ve gotta chat it up! By being the girl who gabs, everyone’s attention will be on you (including a certain cutie). Not sure what to say? It is New Year's, so ask about his resolutions!

Enlist your besties
Go to the party with one or two of your BFFs and help each other get a midnight kiss. The girl in your crew who will talk to anyone can help you approach guys if you’re nervous, and your resourceful pal will be sure to have packed an extra mint in her wristlet (phew!).

This is the most important thing to do. If the seconds are ticking away and you still haven’t found a kiss, don’t freak out! It’s waaay better to celebrate 2012 by yourself than by kissing someone whose name you don’t even know. So just agree with your besties to hug it out or peck each other on the cheek. It’s only New Year's Eve once, so live it up while it lasts!

BY RACHEL NUGENT ON 12/31/2011 12:00:00 AM

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