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12 ways to feel fab (and look great!) in 2012

Think 2011 can’t be topped? Think again! We’re showing you how to take the new year by storm with a slew of easy to adopt and even easier to keep resolutions that’ll make ya feel fab—and look ah-mazing!


Kick it old school

You don’t need a pile of fancy equipment or too-cool-for-school gear to get in shape. Remember that jump rope you played with years ago? Dig it out of the garage. Step back into your old roller skates, challenge your pals to a game of hopscotch or go skipping around your neighborhood.


Split dessert

No way are we giving up dessert this year, so we don’t expect you to, either. Instead, offer to share a post-dinner treat when you’re out with your sweeties instead of digging in to the hot fudge sundae solo. Craving a cookie after lunch? Don’t feel guilty, but do dish up half to your BFF.


Get adventurous

There are tons of new things to try in your area, from hiking trails to a new climbing gym. Give ‘em a go with your best girls and guys in tow, and you’ll have a blast, guaranteed.


Go green

Veggies not your strong suit? Hey, that’s OK. But before you turn up your nose at a heap of green beans, tell yourself to take three good-sized bites (and then, um, do it!). The more you try new food, the less weird or gross it will taste. Soon enough, you’ll be munching away.


Reclaim gym class

Stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the game! It’s easy to slack off in phys ed, and hey, we’ve all done it. But it’s there for a reason: To get your heart pumping. Take advantage of the time to get in a killer workout, whether your class is playing soccer, volleyball or—eek—dodgeball.


Smile more

It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking braces, crooked chompers or perfect pearly whites. When you flash a grin, people aren’t critiquing your teeth, they’re admiring your good humor. Smiling makes you feel better, and it improves the mood of those around you. So go ahead, crack a few!


Make healthy eating a habit

Designate one meal as hands-down healthy. Maybe it’s breakfast, maybe it’s a snack or maybe it’s your something sweet after dinner. Whether your subbing egg whites for sugary cereal, munching on carrot sticks instead of chips or sipping a post-supper smoothie, the more frequently and regularly you institute these changes, the more your body will start to crave them. Hello, easy-peasy eating right!


Stand up straight

Wanna gain a few inches without staggering around in heels? Listen to your folks and stand up straight, for goodness’ sake! It’s easy: Pull your shoulders back, lift up your chin so it’s parallel to the floor and look straight ahead. Yoga and pilates could help get ya in the groove, so give ‘em a try if you’re looking for a new workout.


Eat more whole grains

You won’t even notice a change in your diet when ya make this swap. Instead of noshing on white rice, choose brown. For your turkey sammies, opt for whole grain bread instead of the white stuff. For pasta, ask mom to pick up a box of healthy whole wheat. Give other grains, like quinoa, a try, too.


Take the stairs

Faced with an escalator? Jog your way up instead of riding. Choosing between an elevator and the stairs? Take the latter. Same goes with opting to bike to a friend’s house instead of accepting mom’s offered car ride, or selecting take-out instead of delivery from the pizza place right down the street.


Be one of the guys

You know how some guys are just…rugged? Naturally athletic? Into everything sports-related? Make one—or ten—into your new BGF and play along. When he’s gathering up his gang for pick-up soccer, ask to play. If he’s pulling out a skateboard and you’ve never even been able to stand up on one, ask for a lesson. He’ll love to get competitive with you…or show ya how to do somethin’ new.


Catch more zzz’s

Ah, sleep. If you’re always yawning through second period, make this resolution stick: Promise yourself that instead of wasting another hour on Facebook, you’ll hit the hay sooner. Just a smidge more snooze time will have you feeling more energetic and well-rested the next day. And you can say buh-bye to those under-eye bags and lackluster skin. Now that’s better, right?


What resolution are you rocking in 2012?

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/5/2012 11:22:00 AM

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