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Groundhog Day fashion report: Phil proclaims 6 more weeks of winter!

If you can hardly bear the idea of six more weeks of winter weather (thanks to Punxsutawney Phil), we’re prescribing a dose of super cute new snow clothes to break ya out of the cold-weather blues. From boots to jackets, here's everything you need to get out there and hit the slopes!


  • 1_jacket.png

    Brightly zipped

    A warm jacket is always a necessity when facing the snow, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. A punchy color will brighten up any ski slope. 


    The North Face Women's Stinson Jacket, $90, 

  • 2_scarf.png

    Wrap me up

    Keep your neck nice and toasty while bearing the cold with a knit snood. A bright hue brings out the color in your face!


    Elle Sparkle Infinity Scarf, $19,

  • 4_boots.png

    Buckled chic

    Ugly duck boots? No, thanks. Save some $$ and spice up your snowsuit with these budget friendly kicks.


    Women's Alexandra Winter Boot, $50, 

  • 5_hat.png

    Cute 'n' cozy

    Nothing’s worse than freezing ears! A cute knit cap will keep you warm on the hills all day long. We heart the multicolored pompom and tassel details on this toque. 


    Marble Tracks Beanie, $14,

  • 6_gloves.png

    Purrrfectly warm

    Talk about seriously cute gloves. We can't get enough of the fluffy ears, jeweled eyes, and, oh yeah how warm they actually feel! Wear these aborbs kitty mittens to keep your hands nice 'n' toasty all winter long.  


    H&M Mittens, $7, 

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BY GL ON 2/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

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