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6 ways to stay toasty at the bus stop

Even worse than getting out of bed when it’s still dark outside? Stumbling out your front door to trudge to the bus stop. In the frigid, freezing cold. Worse than that? When your bus is ten minutes late. Brr! Stay warm with our quick tips.



You think I’m joking? I’m totally not. When you make it out to the bus stop, the only people who are there are other freezing cold people and grumpy adults driving by in their cars, on their way to work. You’ll amuse your bus stop buddies with your antics, and probably the grumpy grown-ups, too. So go ahead. Skip to my Lou, darlings.


Wear a hat

Dad is right: You do lose a lot of body heat out of the top of your uncovered head. Cover it up with a way-bright topper. Bonus points if it’s lined with fleece or faux sheepskin, and covers your ears.


Sip something hot

Snag a travel mug out of the cupboard and tote along a cup of tea or hot chocolate. You don’t have to get fancy—the instant kind is just fine. Even if you don’t finish it, the steam on your face and the heat leeching out into your hands will make ya grateful for your cup of, well, whatever suits your fancy.


Dry your hair in the a.m.

So maybe going out with wet hair won’t put ya in bed with pneumonia, but it certainly won’t keep ya toasty. And arriving to homeroom with frozen locks? Not cute, chica. Wake up five minutes earlier than usual to give yourself time to dry…or shower before bed!


Eat breakfast

The more fuel your body has at the beginning of the day, the more body heat you’ll be able to produce. Check out our fave weekday breakfast ideas here.


Jam fest!

Pop in your earbuds and call up a playlist with all of your pop dance faves. Sure, they’re fun to listen to, but as you walk to the bus listenin’ to your tunes, you’ll find yourself marching to the beat of the song rather than adopting your usual shuffle down the sidewalk.

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 2/8/2012 12:00:00 AM


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