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6 books by our favorite African American authors

February may be Black History month, but these books you should be reading year-round. Check out this list by our fave African American authors, then get ready to dive in to some awesome stories!

Money Hungry by Sharon Flake

Most 13-year-olds are worried about boys and school, but Raspberry Hill is all about the money. Making money to be specific. She tried just about every odd job in the book to make some cash for her and her mom. They used to be homeless, and now they live in the projects. All Raspberry wants is to make money and get her and her mom out of there.

Grab the book here!

A Matter of Attitude by Hayden

Every high-schooler wants to feel accepted for who they are and whatever they decide to wear. Angela Jenkins thinks of herself as extremely trendy and the clothes she creates are the best styles. Her classmates don’t always agree, however. And sometimes they make fun of her. This is the story of a girl with a ton of confidence and perseverance to show her school (and her crush!) just how talented and amazing she truly is.

Grab the book here!

Worst Impressions by K.L. Brady

A lot of teens feel left out during their middle and high school years, but Liz Bennet leaves herself out of things on purpose. She is a basketball-playing tomboy and likes to keep a low profile in school. That is until she meets not one, but two boys who spark her interest. As she gets to know both these boys, she learns more about herself as well.

Grab the book here!

Chasing Romeo by A.J. Byrd

What would you do if you and your friends were all after the same guy? Well, Anjenai, Kierra and Tyler have to deal with this situation when they are introduced to a new cutie named Romeo! There is a lot of fighting, backstabbing, peace making, friendship and love in this book.

Grab the book here!

Drama High by L. Divine

There are 14 books in this series, with more yet to come. The first book, The Fight, starts with 16-year-old Jayd Jackson starting her junior year of high school. She wants nothing more than for it to be her best year yet, but things start to go wrong when her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend picks a fight with her. Jayd doesn’t want drama, but she also isn’t one to back down.

Grab the book here!

Indigo Summer by Monica McKayhan

Just when things were going perfect in 15-year-old Indigo’s life, everything gets flipped upside down. She had a cool boyfriend, but then he dumped her. She had a date to homecoming, but then her date cancelled. She loses her popularity and she starts to feel like nothing can go right in her life until she starts to get to know her neighbor, Marcus. Will she find love with the boy next door?

Grab the book here!

Who’s your favorite African American author? Blog about it, babes.


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