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14 ways to stick it to Valentine's Day


1.  Why stick to one special Valentine when you can spread the love to everyone who means something to you?  Grab a big group of your best gals and take a trip to the movies.  The Vows coming out after all.  Who needs boys when you can have another swoon-worthy movie full of Channing Tatum?

2.   Have a “me” night.  Take the night to indulge yourself.  Have a spa night, or grab your fave snacks to munch on and have a video game night.  Instead of sulking, turn it into getaway night and de-stress.

3.  Find an anti-Valentine.  Go out for an unorthodox V-Day date with your best friend.  Dinner and dessert at a delish restaurant?  Starbucks?

4.  Take a tip from the movie
Valentine’s Day and throw a singles-only party.  Snag a heart-shaped piñata and go to town!

5.  Devour an entire box of chocolates.  What better excuse than lifting your spirits in honor of Heart Day?

6. Write crush letters to everyone you care about.  There’s always a couple girls and guys who aren’t feeling too hot on the big day of love.  Give their day a boost by letting them know that they’re at the top of your list.

7.  Leave your crush a cutesy message.  Make it anonymous, or if you’re feeling gutsy, add your name.  Take advantage of the day and take a risk in Cupid’s name.  Who knows, maybe he’ll end up being your Valentine after all!

8.  Spread the love with your fam for V-Vay.  Draw a small heart (not on their windshield) on your parent’s or your sibling’s car in washable paint.

9.  “Pin the X on the Ex.” Still bitter about a break up?  Gather with your closest chicas to do a little therapeutic anger management.  Print out a picture, and cut out a paper “x”.  Stick the “x” on the end of a thumbtack and in good ol’ pin the tail on the donkey fashion, pin the “x” on his face.

10.  Have a horror movie marathon.  After all, horror is the exact opposite of the trademark Valentine’s Day rom-coms.

11.  Cuddle up and live your own V-Day through one of your favorite books.  Twilight girls, spend the night being Bella.  Or maybe you’re the type to get caught up in
The Hunger Games.

12.   Film a super-cheesy Valentine’s Day parody.  It just might end up being a YouTube hit!

13.   Hit up a concert or sporting event and scan the crowd for new boys.  If they’re flying solo, it’s a pretty sure thing they’re single.

14.  Visit an animal shelter.  You can never feel less alone than when you’ve got a pile of fluffy critters in your lap.


How are you gonna stick it to Valentine’s Day?

BY JORDAN SARNOVSKY ON 2/12/2012 12:00:00 AM


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