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Rebel against the radio with this Disney rewind playlist


Starring Debby Ryan, the flick is about a shy girl named Tara, who is like totally invisible in school. At night though, she speaks her mind over the radio. And students love her! To get pumped for tonight’s jam-tastic movie, we wanted to put together a playlist of our own—loaded with some of our fave Disney stars.

“We Got the Party” – Hannah Montana feat. Jonas Brothers

No one could ever forget the Miley Cyrus’ hit show Hannah Montana. One of our favorite episodes? When the Jonas Brothers guest starred. They sang this song together and rocked their beach-filled audience.

Catch the tune here!

“Naturally” – Selena Gomez and the Scene

She started off as a Barney girl, and then made her way to a guest role on Hannah Montana, which transitioned her into that show you might have heard of…it’s called Wizards of Waverly Place. With her stardom came the chance for a music career as well. This song was one of Sel’s first singles..

Catch the tune here!

“I Can’t Wait” – Hilary Duff

Oh, Ms. Lizzie McGuire. We could NEVER forget about you! Lizzie McGuire, and the movie that went along with it, created the standard that future Disney stars have to TRY to live up to. We remember this cute song Hilary came out with…and the even cuter music video.

Catch the tune here!

“La La Land” – Demi Lovato

Like Selena, Demi started off on Barney and then moved on over to Disney. Demi also came out with albums that showed the world she could sing with the best of them.

Catch the tune here!

“Could it Be” – Christy Carlson Romano

This girl was the older sister to Shia LaBeouf’s character on Even Stevens. From there, Christy went on to voice the lead role in the show Kim Possible. This series had a few movies that went along with it, and in one of them, she sang this beautiful song about not realizing the boy of your dreams might actually be your best friend.

Catch the tune here!

“Girl Power” – Cheetah Girls

This girl group came about from the Disney Channel movie of the same name. Yep, people couldn’t stop themselves from singing all the catchy songs from the soundtrack…like this one.

Catch the tune here!

“Come Back to Me” – Vanessa Hudgens

She got her breakout role as Gabriella Montez in Disney’s High School Musical, but then she made a name for herself in the singing circuit. Vanessa released a couple albums and this first single introduced us to Baby V.

Catch the tune here!

“Backflip” – Raven-Symoné

Raven starred as the title character in That’s So Raven, and she showed that girls can be insanely funny. But besides being an actress and comedian, Raven is also a talented singer. This catchy song will make you wanna hit that repeat button.

Catch the tune here!

Who’s your favorite Disney star? Blog about it, babes.


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